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Recent posts by mike arcon

Hey there,

I'm thinking about possibilities to Build in my Project(s) an backward compatibility to the Database.


At the Beginning we have 1 Model and 1 Controller (ignoring the View right now).

the Model has 1 Field

the Controller uses this Class Employee:

Now we enhance the Database to Model with 2 Fields:

the new Controller will be:

and now the Question:

let's say there are more than one version in use.. older and new one...and you want to have both versions available...how do you will handle this? what are your experience?

I'm thinking about an Interface which maps to the corresponding actual fields...


Class Controller EmployeeV1(String adress)
String adress = substring(0, index.of(" "));
int code = substring(index.of(" "), adress.length);

Class Controller EmployeeV2(String adress, int code)

pseude code but i think the strategy should work but I think there should be better ways?

Tim Moores wrote:

I already have some examples with some Objects in Drag n Drop... but I'm searching for the right one.

And the one Kuute linked to is not the right one because ... ?

I didn't say its not the right one, I just saw there was a Drag n Drop with Text.

As i don't have Experience with "Graphical" stuff.

Do you mean coding GUIs? Then maybe start with the simple stuff. And this tutorial: https://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/get_started/jfxpub-get_started.htm

Yeah i think i need to go first deeper into GUIs.. thanks!

I was asking if someone has there already experience and can tell me if i should spend time on Graphical stuff or not and trying to do it with simple text group boxes and so on.

Cause Usually to go deeper in a Field it takes a lot of time, and if at the End it was not the right one i could save this time

4 months ago
Hi Knute Snortum,

thanks for your answer

yeah its just about to have "Cards" with some information and also a image in. Would like to move them from one "Column" to another.

I already have some examples with some Objects in Drag n Drop... but I'm searching for the right one. And I'm not sure what i should use.. As i don't have Experience with "Graphical" stuff.

4 months ago
Hi Guys,

I'm new here..

i want to create an Application, with JavaFX which should be use for something like Project Management.

That means, that i have an "Kanban" style board and can move "Tasks" between the "Fields". With Drag n Drop.

The question is, with what should i create it?

Until now i just used in JavaFX the usual elements.. like listviews tables buttons and so on.

But i think this is something i should make with Graphics right?

any experience?

4 months ago