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Recent posts by Djordje Cvetkovic

Hi again...

I Just wanted to share with you my findings. Maybe someone will find this useful.

At the moment of writing this, I can say with 99% certainty that what I wanted in the first place IS possible. I implemented it and in localhost (both server and the client) everything works. The 1% left is because I still need to test my solution with Wireshark to see that the communication is actually SSL/TLS encrypted.
I will update once these tests are done.

First of all, big thanks to this article. It helped me achieve what I wanted, even though it is HTTPS related. My client is a TCP client implementing custom protocol.

All imports are from package.

Anyway... here is the client code:

Somewhere in the client initialization class:


If you have any questions feel free to ask
Hi all,

I had to create a Java SSL client. I did it by following the following tutorial:

When I tried to run the program there was an exception saying that there was no certificate found (I cannot remember exactly the exception).
I solved this by installing the certificate into cacerts file and everything worked fine.
Note: This certificate is a self-signed and is not validated by any CA.

However, the clients to whom this software will be distributed should not have to do this.

How can I create a SSL/TLS Java client w/o installing untrusted certificate.

If some more clarification is needed do not hesitate do ask.

Thanks in advance!