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Recent posts by Peters Andersson

Yes you must be right. It is javascript. Java is something else?

This is mentioned on the website. So it must be javascript?
Full public and private HTTP REST APIs for all exchanges are implemented. WebSocket and FIX implementations in JavaScript, PHP, Python and other languages coming soon.

May I ask. Javascript is programmed in HTML like in or is any other application more suited for javascript?
Must javascript ONLY be runned on a website?
1 week ago
Thank you for your answers, I appreciate it!

I am a bit lost when it comes to Java. I am a 10 years experienced C# programmer so I am not a beginner in that sense. Perheps it helps

The website I download the library is this link:

Perheps I shouldn't use Visual Studio for this?
I beleive I should ask the question from the very beginning.

When looking at the above link. Further down this information is given. So I simply wonder, how will I use this
library and does the code seem correct and what application should I use for Java/This library?

1 week ago
I add a screenshot of my environment as well. As seen I have just added the folder: "ccxt-master" which is the library like this.
Inside that folder there is: ccxt.js which I beleive I try to create an instance.

1 week ago

I am a beginner in Java but I can program very well in C#.
So I use Visual Studio where I have installed Java. Now I have added a folder/library to my project that I will program against.

The "Hello, World!" line of code works fine and compiles.

The problem now is when I follow the library examples on a website. They tell to add the line:
const ccxt = require ('ccxt')

But for this I get errors like below. What could be wrong?
error: illegal start of expression
error: unclosed character literal
error: ';' expected

1 week ago