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Recent posts by Istvan Müller

Right, thanks for your help, again . I really appreciate your helpful and quick replies. I think this threat is finished and I will certainly try the tutorial you recommended.
6 days ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:

Istvan Müller wrote:What exactly do I have to type in

At this point I think is fair enough to say that you are expected to research yourself and try to figure out. You could find lots of information on Internet already which answers that type of question.

It is a bit weird that you have programming class and those type of things are covered in it.

Thanks for your advice . I don't have programing classes in school to be fair, it's more like a free project where you can decide on your own, what you want to do. However thanks for you help again. <3
6 days ago
Damn, I see. we've been handling the wrong issue the whole time
I didn't run the program properly. What exactly do I have to type in the comand prompt to interact with the program? o.0 (sorry, it really is my first java code xD)
6 days ago

1. the only input I could pass to the comand prompt was "javac"
2. the expected output was the sentence: "Please enter the amount of exams you've had so far: ". Since that's where I should get the value for the variable "counter".
3. I got no output out of the comand prompt, It just reset to the basic display, that I showed in the threat before with my screenshot.

I hope that's what you were asking for.
6 days ago
Ah I see, thanks for that. The comand prompt displays still the same tho .-.
6 days ago

Liutauras Vilda wrote:A warm welcome to the Ranch

When posting code, is always better/preferred to post an actual code rather than its picture. So please do.

Could you please tell us:
1. What inputs you have passed
2. What was the expected output
3. What was an actual output

Thanks for your answer
I'm sorry, I was told not to post java code, so here it is in my reply.
As mentioned, I was not able to make any inputs, I attached another screenshot showing, what my comand prompt displays (my Username is censored bc it's cringe ). The first expected output should ask me to type in the amount of exams I've had so far.
Thanks for your Help
1 week ago
So I've recently started using Java for a school project. One part of this project is a calculator to calculate the average of a certain amout of marks. I've obviously gotten a few errors the first few times when I tried to run the program, however, after I fixed the errors, the comand prompt just didn't run the code and reset to the standart directory view (C:\Users\MyUsername\Desktop>). There are no errors displayed but since the code should have an output it didn't work. I would appreciate it, if anyone could help me either fix this or recommend another program (expect comand prompt) which helps me see whether the code is working or not.
Thanks a lot.
1 week ago