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Besides Oracle and Pivotal certifications, which Java certifications are worth to have?

I have OCP Java SE 8 Programmer and I am wondering if it is worth to get OCP Java EE 7 Application Developer.

It seams to me that it is too long and the most new systems uses Spring. So, I am wondering to get Spring Certification.

Which other alternatives I have?

2 years ago
This book is useful for those who already has OCA Java SE 8 and wants to update his knowledge to Java SE 11?

And, let me ask another related question: there is a book to update OCP Java SE 8 to 11 comming?
Thank you!

I also cant see. But in my understanding OCP SE and OCP EE should be a pre-requisite for EA. Because of this I asked "to confirm my understanding".

By the way, a possible reason for OCP SE and OCP EE not to be an pre-requisite is because the courses is more expensive than those certifications and Oracle wants to make more money.
Sorry, I will improve the question.

Is NOT OCP SE Java 8/11 and OCP EE 7 pre-requisites for Enterprise Architect Certification?

In this link Enterprise Architect Certification Overview no prequisites are pointed.

Is my undertanding correct? I can go through the Enterprise Architect path without any pre-requisite like OCP SE and OCP EE?
Where to go after OCP?

I will take the Java SE 8 Programmer II (1Z0-809) exam at 21 Aug.

After that, is it worth to go to Java EE 7? Or would it be better to go to Spring Professional Certification? Or where else?