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since Feb 19, 2019
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Recent posts by D.J. Quavern

Hello dear Ranchers, hope you are well!
Did someone received their book?
1 year ago

Ken Youens-Clark wrote:

Junilu Lacar wrote:I realized I should have said "crate" instead of library.  

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

This tripped me up the whole time I was writing the book. Old habits die hard. I had good Rustaceans checking my code and writing who kept me honest.

I did not mean that as a criticism in any way. I personally say "crate" and think "library".
Besides I am not a native English speaker so I needed to look up what crate even means.
1 year ago
Thank you Ken for this very accurate estimate.

I happen to be an undergrad CS student so this is very helpful. I know I learn most in a small group, by discussing with others. I will ask around if any other learner wants to do challenges together. If not, I will find the right balance between figuring out and typing out solutions.
1 year ago

I didn't seem to find many takers for Rust, but hit me up if you ever want to give it a try or you have questions!

They'll come to it!
It's on Junilu's yearly list in any case.
1 year ago
Thank you, really look forward to practice with it and use it in my project!

1 year ago
Dear Ken,

I looked at the table of contents of the book and, in addition to the content (omy I did not know about `fortune`!), I love the typography I have to say.

For a while ago I was trying to put together a small program to "gamify" errors in Rust, displaying a cute graph on which error the programmer made, areas of improvement etc. I would like to pick it up again and I think reading the book would help me. (I did lots of tests, Junilu taught me well   )

My question would be about your thoughts behind the book take-aways: if I understand correctly, every chapter have practical exercises where we implement the linux cli. How long do you estimate those little exercises would take to a beginner+ person with some experience with Rust?

1 year ago
Took the liberty to share another screenshot where type annotation is extremely useful, if it is ok  

(please ignore the colors, I have notably terrible taste)

You can see that the expected return type for example is `<I2C as I2c<u8>>::WriteFuture` (this is an async driver for a magnetometer using I2C protocol) or a `Result<(), CommE>`.

In the first case, it shows that an I2C type is coerced to a WriteFuture, and in the second case that the code will return either a Result with the unit type`()` that all is well, or a `CommE`, a communication error defined by the programmer.
I forked a blocking driver to convert it to async and those types annotations were extremely useful to me as I was not sure of all what was happening in the magnetometer (just needed to make an async version).

Edit: my screenshot is a bit too big, sorry about that.

1 year ago
Dearest Junilu,

Again, not the author but very eager to have a conversation.

The most popular CLI parsing crate I saw is clap. And those are the docs.

I wonder what more Ken will recommend us.
1 year ago
Hi Geoff,

I am not the author, from whom you want a reply, but I wanted to add a little comment about best practices.
Regarding types display, will want to download and use Rust Analyzer. It is very good at deducting the types you are using and helping you in your programs.

I attached a screenshot to show what I mean  

Of course, those are easy types. An array with u8, i32 types, a String and a slice. But it can be very helpful in more convoluted types.
1 year ago
Yes Junilu is big on TDD.
And your mission is noble !
I am convinced in any cases. (also I hope Rust will implement some of those Java amazing tools, such as Java Path Finder)
1 year ago
Hello everyone! And welcome Ken .
Is it your second Rust book, I think I saw something else from you pass.

Long time no see <3. Ooooh I would love to play for this book!

I am in the (long on and off) process of writing a Rust gamepiler (compiler that gamifies the errors you do) and it would help me greatly :p

1 year ago
I saw the book promotion for Zero to Ai of Nicolò Valigi and Gianluca Mauro. What an interesting subject, I wonder actually what is the "hype" in that subject?
We have AI courses now in our CS master but what is true information (along with how to avoid bias!) has always been a subject of interest.
Hello and welcome!
I love Rust and microcontrollers!
Ok, I can post a brief edit to clarify my post, without deleting the original content.
3 years ago