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Recent posts by Ng Sharma

Tim Holloway wrote:A "500" error is a server-side error. You should have a stack trace and we need to see it before we can offer much in the way of help.

It's only throw 500 internal error
1 year ago
Every time I try to send a post request, I get 500 error.Post request via postman works fine too, so there is no problems on the server side. What is the Mistake?


1 year ago
I'm try hit url using ajax but it not working.

Javascript File


LeadCapture Class
1 year ago
I have written this code.
jar -cfe jarDirectory/jarfileName.jar -C binDirectory/moduleName  .

c  = create
f  = fileName
e = main Class path
-C = where you create a jar file (Directory).
. = current Directory
this code write my self.

Program : 1

Program : 2

I know the rule of Program :2, but Program : 1 rule not know.
Please suggest me and correct me.
finally i gotted thanks you again @Campbell Ritchie & @Stephan van Hulst
1 year ago
but compiler by default treated Integral value is int.
1 year ago
own code.

Please anyone suggest me and correct me.. I'm little bit confusion.
1 year ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Please always say where such questions come from. It looks familiar to me. As you know, 'X' is the same as (char)0x58, which comes to 88 in decimal. The Java® Language Specification should give you that answer. Yes, it does. It tells you how the type of the whole expression depends on its middle and right operands.

Thank you..!

Junilu Lacar wrote:

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Where are you getting your information from? That's wrong.

And this shows how:

like this.