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Recent posts by Dylan Smith

I am trying to analyse byte code with javassist using simple class MyData:

Here is the code I am running against this class:

It works and prints:

Reference example :

Line 35 invokes method add() of collection named strings. The code snippet I posted retrieves only invokeinterface and line 35. OK, I can know that it was class field (getfield).

I would like to know how to get the rest of information:

the field name is strings
the interface method being called is add()

Can some body help me on this.

I am trying to use the below code :

Source :
(Example 3)
In the above when I get the decoder object by calling :

What will be the type of decoder I will be getting on it.
I see java has the different RFC ( available like :
  • RFC4648
  • RFC2045

  • Can you please help me on this.
    1 month ago
    I am new to Java and understanding the Period API of Java, Period Examples. It explains nicely about the Period API.
    Can some explain if difference between dates can be found with Period API?
    1 month ago