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Recent posts by Jake Longman

Thanks to everyone
Currently I have managed to get it working
it isn't exactly what our teacher wants, they want us to input number and only show values that are bigger or lower than inputted number
but I think this is enough for me to pass this assignment (hopefully)
1 week ago

Carey Brown wrote:In your class 'Property' you have 'Type', 'Location', and 'InsInfo'. These are all variables and so should begin with a lower case letter. Same for the parameter names in your constructor.

The variable name 'insInfo' doesn't really tell you what the data is used for. What kind of 'info'?

You will, of course, need the getter() methods. I question whether you need the setters though. Once a Property is constructed  will these values ever need to change?

Thank you!
I tried to implement most of your suggestions into my code.
Thought I am still unable to get min max work. I believe I have some sort of method / code for it "working"
I am just unable to make it read from my arraylist (It prints

What comes to stuff like
"this.value = value;"
"Why do you create a new variable 'insInfoC'"
Most of these things are failed attempts to do min max method
as I am getting really tired I keep forgetting to remove these old "tests"

Currently only thing I need for completing this assignment is to get min max working.
I am hoping that after this assignment I am able to start reading some better java materials than lecture material.

2 weeks ago
Completely forgot to mention
We need to find min and max of "InsInfo" value
sorry if posting on this again like this isn't allowed
didn't see edit button and figured that it is quite important part to know what min / max value I have to find

2 weeks ago
Assignment deadline is getting nearer and I am struggling with creating method that is able to find min and max values from my user input arraylist.
Basically we have 3 different classes "Property", "InsuranceInfoContainer" and Main class. "InsInfoContainer" class is supposed to "store" arraylist information and contains methods (ie method for min and max)
I have spent most of my day just trying to figure out how to do it and testing different ways.
It would be greatly appreciate if someone would be able to give me tips or help me with this (Getting kinda desperate at this point ;) )

Property class:

InsuranceInfoContainer class

Main class

If anyone would like to point me towards some good tutorial videos / resources on java
I find our lecture material to be extremely hard to understand and quite cluttered
Would love to learn java properly but I simply can't do it from our lecture materials

2 weeks ago