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Recent posts by Steve Datz

Thanks, this has definitely started helping, this is allowing these methods like setprefRows() to work for a TilePane now, so thats good.

However I had set the width and height of the window because I eventually want the program window to probably just be one size, and not resizeable. Un-doing this means my startmenu window is tall and skinny, when I click settings, it becomes a little wider, go back to startmenu, screen resizes again, click start and the window becomes much bigger.

I am trying to avoid that if you know what I am trying to say,
is there another way to do this?
4 months ago

Steve Datz wrote:

Then I call another class to make my shop class

should say shop scene.  >.<

*no edit button >.< *
4 months ago
Thanks for the replies,
Any idea how many posts I need before I unlock the edit button?
Life on a forum is going to be messy without it... its like being forced to program without an IDE almost lol.

As far as the editing the parent, I had a feeling this was the case,
but I can't for the life of me figure out like...
what the parent sizes are that are preventing this.

For example,
My Original start menu goes :

Then I call another class to make my shop class

inside the shop class I  make

then s is what is returned.

So.. I am just not understanding what my parent is?
Is it the framebp BorderPane from the shop class ?
because technically thats the top most frame right?
What do I have to do to it to make sure the items inside the center and left etc panes are able to be controlled?
4 months ago
Okay so apparently there is no Edit button on this forum? I cant find it and my post auto-posted when i UL'd my image. This is quite discouraging

As you can see this Is not looking anything like a good Warehouse.
There are tons of Gaps in between the Containers.

The Center ones called TE and somehow being smushed vertically,
and the left side LE is doing more toward something I want to see.

I dont know what would be most helpful for explaining this, just posting the whole project, or chunks of code.

I think I am having an issue with how this scene is being added to the startmenu and perhaps things are scaling to the parent? Im not sure,
But anyway,
I have a root scene with a BorderPane, I hit the start button,
and a have an actionlistener that sets my stage to set the new scene generated here :

I've tried tons of methods to resize things, set padding, preferd col/rows, alignments but like 90% of them do not work. What Ive managed to read online ab fx is that it somehow doesnt care because of a parent node?

Any help trying to make this look more like this would be greatly appreciated  :

4 months ago

I am new to JavaFX and am just trying to make an MMOrpg wh type program where I can buy and sell items randomly generated by an script
(got the idea from a guy whos doing something similar for DnD and it sounded fun)

problem is I have like no experience in GUI, and its been a real struggle.

I don't know how to really ask anything specific because my guess is i'm lacking some core understanding of how these containers work and padding etc.

4 months ago