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Vrajendra Singh Mandloi

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Recent posts by Vrajendra Singh Mandloi

i have a local file path which i can access via FIXTURE. this is a dynamic file path but the file exists. Now i need to display the file as HYPERLINK on fitnesse page but it is unable to download.

public String printOutputXml() throws ParseException, FileNotFoundException, IOException {
String submissionFileName = baseTestLoader.getReportMetaData().get("submissionFileName");
//String submissionFileName = "auth.";
List<String> dates = baseTestLoader.getWorkDatesList(this.startDate, this.endDate);
StringBuilder builder = new StringBuilder();"Dates Report Ran"+dates.toString());
for(String cobdate: dates) {
cobdate = cobdate.replace("-", "");
submissionFileName = submissionFileName.replace(":COB_DATE", cobdate);
//String FILE_LOCATION = "/tmp/"+submissionFileName;
String FILE_LOCATION = "C:\\Temp\\tempMMSRFiles\\temp\\"+submissionFileName;"File Localtion : "+FILE_LOCATION);
String outputDisplay = "<a href=\""+FILE_LOCATION+"\" download>"+submissionFileName+"?</a><br>";
return "<pre>"+builder.toString()+"</pre>";

I have used <pre> bcz other wise the anchor tag was printed as text. right now it is showing as Anchor tag but nothing is happening and no download is enabled. can someone please help
3 weeks ago