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----------------------the second part of the code

3 weeks ago

______________________end of first post
3 weeks ago
and the other 3 files. i hope i am attaching them
thanks again for any suggestion
3 weeks ago
Hello everyone. I hope my problem is placed in the right forum...if not i apologize.  I will start with the beginning.
A few months ago I enrolled to a computer sciences school ( only three courses a week ) in the hope i would learn programming. ( Background info : I never did computers at school before but I am pretty good with html, css so i had a little knowledge about programmers in general but none about programming ). At school  in the 3 hours / week of object oriented programming I started to understand the basic principles of coding ...but at a very surface level. (plus i have almost zero time at home to study too much ) . All good so far but now I have to prepare the final assignment ( for tomorrow !!!) for which i have been trying to do in the past week but i got  stuck somewhere and i can t seem to be able to find a solution.
I will post here the assignment , the code i have been doing so far and my unsolved problems
(sorry again for the long post )

You have recently begun a position at Artetch Software Ltd as a Junior Programmer, and have joined a small development team to deliver a patient-doctor appointment system for a small local GP. Armstrong is a 24-hour GP surgery that currently caters to patients and operates outside of the NHS. The fee for an appointment is £100. Patients can pay a yearly fee of £1000, which is non-refundable if they do not fall ill and do not see a doctor in that year. The primary user of the application is the receptionist who is responsible for registering new patients, booking appointments and allocating a doctor to an appointment with a patient.
Currently, all registrations are completed manually by creating patient cards with unique patient ID numbers that the receptionist has to generate, which causes a problem in keeping track of ID numbers already in use.  The GP surgery would like the new system to register patients and book patients on an appointment to see a doctor. At times, some patients may wish to change the date of their appointment, so a feature to enable this should be provided in the final solution. When registering the patients, patients have the option to pay the full year’s fee upfront and if they do, they get a 10% discount. Bookings can only be made for the current day. No bookings should be made in advance. The user interface will be menu driven prompting the user to select a choice.

i am attaching the code as text    .first_project_java.txt  
my problem here is that i can not search for a patient or remove it. i know there is a remove method for arraylists but i can t seem to be able to make it work with my lists ( and taking user input - i would like to give user a choice to pick the number of the list to be able to delete it )

i am affraid i am using the arrylist wrong or i should use something else for what i need.

The other attachements are my other try on the code but got abbandoned becausse i couldn t make it register more than one patient.
All my code is a big soup with pieces put togheter from many sources so i appologise in advance for the stupid things in it.
All help would be appreciated.
Thanks guys

PS: i will attach in the next post 3 more files for the second project

PS2: i can t seem to be able to attach the code as text so i will be posting it as a reply to mu message
3 weeks ago