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Recent posts by Sherin Mathew

Try this way :

What is the difference between .FirstOrDefault(x=>x.Id==id); and .Where(x=>x.Id==id)
What is the concept of Lock in mvc?
How can i implement it?
3 weeks ago
Try using first() :

Try using this way :

Even i have updated your code do check in this link :
Try either of them:

Or try using the code as suggested by Junilu Lacar
1 month ago
Try updating your code this way!

Try this way!!

2 months ago
Internet Explorer doesn't support the download attribute on tags.
Try using: navigator.msSaveBlob(blob, fileName);

Do refer this link :
You can call function a by simply calling it in the js file.



Can i create Custom check constraint in SQL Server?

I have a table 'City' having columns as 'ID' , 'Name' and 'Number'.
If Name is 'AA' then Number column shouldn't accept null values. If name is other than 'AA' Number column can be null
How to Update a record in SQL wherein name as: Name=a'bcd and UserId = 11
Try using and