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Lawrence Anon

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Recent posts by Lawrence Anon

So would an array still be the best approach to target the specific tile? Sorry i'm still very new to Java, this language is very vast but It's really fun.
2 months ago
I have a few questions, I wasn't really thinking when I wanted to paint images onto the screen.
How would I make an array recognize each square on this board?
Say I hovered over each individual square, how would I have it highlight?
2 months ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:There are lots of YouTube links about programming, but I don't remember seeing anything really good, I am afraid. Some of the links I have seen have been not at all good, I am afraid.

Looks like its upto you to save us! Let me know when you will be making youtube videos!
3 months ago
Is there anyone you guys/girls suggest to us to watch. I watch TheNewBoston but I feel like there are alot of instances in certain things he misses when it comes to coding but you get the general idea.
Any other people you guys would refer to watch?
3 months ago
Thanks for all of your information. Definitely alot that  I need to learn.
3 months ago
I am new here to the Ranch and I like the whole idea of the ranks and staff here. This is the first time I made an account. I previously looked around the forum a few months ago and I love how the staff is Friendly and so Active and so Educated. That astounded me. Amazing.
As I digress, I'm new to Java and coding entirely but love the concept of it.

My question is When to use Inheritance vs reusing code. And When should I use getters and setters. I will use my lines of code but for the love of all. I can't see how or when to use it.

and this is the child class

why when I run this program can't otherTest() see test() and what is the best way  to
go about doing this Having a parent Class with all sorts of variables and methods that the child can run on but updating each value like having every Child class to have a different name age description mana MP AP? Or is inheritance not for this?
Code is greatly Appreciated and You have an active member here!!!
3 months ago

Strings typically can't be added as far as value input. You were using strings. Best thing to do is use a while loop and use a 3rd int as a counting mechanism for it. If you want to use decimals change "int" to "double"
3 months ago