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Yes I agree, ALLOT more work, so has anyone tried doing a query in a record set and add another query inside the While (
I NEVER give up so it will work eventually

What I have tried so far is this and it works for the first query but the second gives an error, trying t solve it but its looking good so far.

The error code is:

It is given on line 46 when the code is not //

But my screen looks awesome so far!

Once i Get it I will post it!
Thank you guys for the efforts.

EDIT: IT works, I forgot the second Recordset next section!
Good day fellow coders.

I am new at coding, I have followed many tutorials but cant find what I am missing, the stupid method: I tried looping through each record of table A once I have the current record then run another select to find what ever data is in table B that matches the table A id.
But I cant get it to work so I abandoned it. The code is too long and the result is messy. See my image I uploaded, I am running it with SQLite, and its should be vry simple but no where do I find sollutions for this issue. Please point me to a place where I can learn how this done.
I have attached an image of my table layout.

Thank you