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Recent posts by Omar Lasly

Thanks Tim,

I think I'll remove Flutter from my options for now.

1 month ago
Hi all,
Your friendly greenhorn is here.

I'm a beginner mobile app developer, I have experience in foundational programming languages such as C, C++, python.

I am currently free until this September and would like to complete my first mobile app before then. If I finish it early-ish I will be doing another app or web app. Hopefully.

I have already designed the apps UI and UX and do not see myself further reiterating it. The App features are as follows:
1- Allows the playing of an ebook, there is no visual text for now.
2- You can select a range of sentences to play, decide the no. Of times each sentence repeats and also no. Of times the range repeats.
3- You can also bookmark your favourite audio set.
4- The app is targeted towards the blind and visually impaired, and must have complete accessibility as such.

Now, I am undecided on how to develop the app,
Should I go for Android studio and pick up Java,
Or learn JavaScript, html, CSS and use react native, or learn Dart and go with Flutter ?

Please help!
Any and all advice, opinion is appreciated.
1 month ago
Thanks Al Hobbs,

I will definitely be taking your advice in to consideration.
Thanks again,
I've asked another question that is more specific.
1 month ago
I'm an electronic engineering undergraduate trying to pursue a career in software engineering.

My main area of interest lies in Mobile and Web development.

Throughout my degree, I've used the following IT skills: C , C++ , Python , R , MATLAB.

And I might be working with ( Go ) during an internship soon.

I have a few android app ideas I would like to complete, and I need to know if it's necessary to pick up Java or frameworks (JavaScript+HTML+CSS).

Since I am pursuing a career in mobile/Web development, should I start learning the above or is it possible to design professional Mobile application with the skills I already have.

Thank you in advance for the help, really appreciate it!
1 month ago