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Rashmi varma

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Recent posts by Rashmi varma

Hello Sir,

I am a Java developer and these days preparing for interview in FAANG companies. I would like to understand if this book helps me understand the the design aspects when we start to build an application. What needs to be considered before we actually start coding and using algorithms? The right and clean way to go about the complete solution to the problem.

Thanks in advance,
Thank you I am looking forward to receiving it
Hi John ,

I went through the table of contents of this book and I was excited to see that Hadoop, spark and Amazon services. Do you in this book ultimately help one create a large project incrementally using different technology stack. Does the book also go into details of pros and cons of the technologies and their alternatives  in real world scenario?

thanks in advance!
2 weeks ago
I am a Java developer and I use several javascript frameworks just to keep myself up to date. Recently I developed a web application using Angular 8 for fun and I could not help but notice that typescript is more and more like java with its class based structure. What are your thoughts on it?
Thank you for the point of view
2 months ago
Hi Ken,

Do you think it is a good idea to migrate a giant Java application developed over the years working in harmony with spark , hadoop , kubernetes to Kotlin. Could you  may be help me understand few main advantages Kotlin has over Java for large scale applications.
2 months ago
I work in banking sector and we have recently moved our application to use Kubernetes and docker environment. Is this book an appropriate point to begin understanding how applications utilize different aspects of Kuberenetes and its pros and cons in the development environment?

Thanks in advance!
2 months ago
Hello Sir,

Does this book help us solve real life coding issues with the help of mathematical questions ? Would it also involve using basic algorithms?

3 months ago