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Ben van Jaarsveld

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Recent posts by Ben van Jaarsveld

I have been developing an app that uses Firebase for Authentication, Database and storage. My biggest concern so far has been that fact that in my app it is requesting a lot of data from the database...

I have expandable list views that work with data from the database.

i am also struggling with requests, requesting information from Firebase database.

the information in the database is not that much, and I was thinking to store the database on the phone with an updates to a secure server once a day or so to minimize traffic.

any advice please ... looking to secure my data, update it online easily, easy to use...

what database would you recommend.. I know of mySQL, Realm, any other suggestions?

Thanks guys
1 month ago
I was using a library which can....


thanks for all the help guys!!!
2 months ago

Tim Cooke wrote:What about creating your PDF document in memory as an OutputStream and writing the byte[] directly to your firebase database. The following example does not write anything to the file system:

I wasn't sure how to do that....

a question: how easy is it then to download from firebase and display the file then???
2 months ago
No .. I am creating a leave document for an employee... so the user gives dates... type of leave ....then sign on the screen...

then I want the pdf created with all information and uploaded to Firebase...

2 months ago

If is test the application and store it locally I can view it... so I know it is created...

The idea of the app is to not give thee user access to the file, except from firebase..

Is there a way i can store it temporarily and upload then delete it?
2 months ago
Hey guys.... I am back... with more code:

The problem:

I want to upload a PDF that I create directly to Firebasedatabase without storing it on the phone...

All the tutorials I have worked through needs an URI to fetch the file from... and I don't know where that is...

The document is created by android like this:

The question is : where is this file stored to??? I need that URI...

to upload the file this is what I have written:

Is there anyone that can give me some idea how to solve this please........... something.... anything???

2 months ago
... I think the best way to do it will be just to create a listview.... and when the datasnapshot is updated then only add the item to the listview...

all I have to do then is apply my button xml file to theBackground of the listitem...(or something)

in any case that is what I am going to try...
2 months ago
Hi everybody

I have a fragment that checks my FirebaseDatabase for a curtain value... if the value is there, I want the button in my fragment start a new Activity to view the information, but if it is not there, Iwant the same button to start a new Activity to create the information...

Here is my code:

the only way I can think that it will work is if I update the fragment layout after I have gotten the datasnapshot... is there a way to do this??
2 months ago
I can't seem to make it work,

In my activity I have 5 fragments in my viewpager... the idea is to only request 1 datasnapshot in the activity and then pass all the data I need to the different fragments...

this will save data and power ....

2 months ago

Tim Moores wrote:You can pass any information whatsoever in the constructor. I thought the data you mentioned were not known at the time of construction ... not so?

Yes you are right...oops...

I think I found a way:

trying it out as we speak(or type)...
2 months ago
can't I just pass the information when I add the Fragment to the viewpager in the activity?:

like this?

in activities it is easy, I just use is there no way that I can just ask for a String to be passed from the Activity?
2 months ago
Hi guys

Please help, I have been looking for information on:

I have an activity with a viewpager, that gets a snapshot from Firebase database(the snapshot is gotten from the activity), and would like to pass the data from the activity to the fragments in the view pager..

How would I do this please?

2 months ago

Bitmap yourBitmap;
Bitmap resized = Bitmap.createScaledBitmap(yourBitmap, newWidth, newHeight, true);
3 months ago