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Recent posts by Subash Suyambuthangam

Tim Holloway wrote:Welcome to the Ranch, Subash!

The message is pretty much what it says. The server did not return a response within the time allowed. That can happen if the process handling the request ran for too long, in which case the webapp needs optimizing.

You can also timeout due to a slow network - and a network is only as fast as its slowest segment.

And finally, you can timeout for the same reason I have had timeout problems recently. The network wasn't properly configured and the packets couldn't route freely in both directions. Took me forever to fix that.


Could you please help me on this, I am really confused,

My application is deployed in Windows Server ceaw11818.myComp.uat and ceaw11819.myComp.uat .

My application can be accessed through Big IP URL(

Now what certificate i should install in ceaw11818.myComp.uat and ceaw11819.myComp.uat servers to connect the Big IP URL without any certificate issue.

Should i request certificates for ceaw11818.myComp.uat and ceaw11819.myComp.uat. or

1 month ago

I am configuring my application in new windows servers. I have two web applications one acts as a front end and another one as back end. I have two windows servers and both front end and back end web applications are deployed in both servers.

Server names are ceaw11818.myComp.uat and ceaw11819.myComp.uat, so i requested two certificates for ceaw11818.myComp.uat and ceaw11819.myComp.uat.

My application can be accessed through Big IP URL( and reverse proxy URL(
Reverse proxy URL is configured to use Big IP pool URL internally.

Will my application work without any certificate issue if it accessed through BIG IP and reverse proxy URL?

In my old server i could see a certificate named I do not understand the use of this certificate. Am not sure whether this certificate is needed for my new server.

Could anyone help me on this?
1 month ago

Thomas Hubschman wrote:Thanks guys.

I thought internet connection too, but then that would affect all sites I tried to navigate to not just our server. Further, a previous version of the app at the same server farm worked fine.

It's a VPS environment so this makes me think there may be a high load on the server from other users on the box.

Does anybody know how to test this?

Hi Thomas Hubschman,

I am also facing similar kind of problem..Could you please let me know how the issue has been resolved?
1 month ago


I have a tomcat hosted web app using WS Federation security using apache fediz.

When i access the application using machine URL, i am redirected to IDP login page and after providing valid credentials i am able to access the application.

But at the same time if i access using reverse proxy URL i am getting "HTTP Status 408 - The time allowed for the login process has been exceeded. If you wish to continue you must either click back twice and re-click the link you requested or close and re-open your browser. Our application is hosted in two servers and load balancing has been implemented. Reverse proxy URL is configured to load balacing URL.

In localhost_access logs i could see 408 status, but couldn't figure out the reason.

Any ides to figure out the problem?
1 month ago