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EDIT  to the map to somewhat simplify it

My intention is to make it a 2-way street (1 lane), 5 key locations which are a start position(same as end, bottom end), 2 Garage locations (marked G), a random location, and a parking location (marked movie).
1. On a button click a car will appear at the starting location
2. The car hopefully moves on a random course (If not possible or over complex than a set route will be ok)
3. On certain milage (pre-set for all cars, let's say after 50 km) the car should seek the nearest garage and enter it. (G1 or G2)

And this is why I'm stuck, I have no idea how to code a map or a route, should every pixel have a coordinate which will say if, on x1,y2 move to x1,y2  and on certain checks go to per set coordination?
1 week ago
Hi, sorry for the late reply but I have been researching and I have run into a problem.
First of all, I started with drawing a new map using Tiled and converted it to an SVG file (Just a test map) and displayed it on my website.
Now i need to define my map, and im not sure how to tackle that issuse. I need to have a way to limit (or guide) the car icons ONLY on the road and to act a certain way on certain locations
1 week ago
Oh ok ill expand on my project
This is a personal project, not some assignment with a definite end goal , just need more projects under my belt for the eventual job hunt. I've built a Coupon system(Full-Stack project using Java, Spring boot, SQL Server, Angular) before (so somewhat experienced in java but still a beginner).
As for the project itself. I want to build a Rental car system that would allow a user to view the fleet of available cars, add new cars, and have a realtime view of a map with icons representing the cars.
As for the map itself, I would prefer an X, Y linear map, no need to throw in trigonometry (GOD NO), with predefined Key Locations.
Rough Sketch~

1. I want the cars to start from the same point and then move randomly on the map
2. On certain Mileage points (ex after 50km of travel) the car will search for the nearest garage and move there
3. On a certain button click, all cars will move to the gathering point
4. Different button for cars to go back to starting point and disappear off the map.
1 month ago
First of all thanks for the quick reply and summarising in steps!

Ideally, I would love to just sketch out a map (draw it in paint no need for it to be over-complex because mainly I need 1 starting point, randomize 4/5 routes for 4/5 different cars, 2 "garage" locations, and 1 gathering point) but I wouldn't know even how to start with coding over an image  
so I'm guessing third party service
1 month ago
Hi guys I'm learning Java and I'm working on a project which I'm not quite sure if it can be accomplished in java
I'm building a rental car manager program(Java backside and then Angular front) which I want to implement a small scale map and show the different car locations on the map and I'm not quite sure how to get it done.
Few leads
1. Add a lan/mul field in each car which later ill implement on web maybe using google maps API?Problem is im not sure how to add a moving object on a map
2.Nop never mind, i only got 1 lead
Any help would be appreciated
1 month ago
Oh amm..forgot to say
We havent learend Methodes nor swap,so im not allowed to use it,hence why i think nested loop is the best solution
1 year ago
Alright,i figured out what needs to be done..(Kinda bumed i didnt see it )
But im still stuck
Once the program find an even number,and than an odd number and does the swap,it keeps looking for an odd number and keeps replacing it with the even number ive saved as temp.
not sure how to break the loop

1 year ago
Ive tried something els,but i encounter an error when it enters the if statment

1 year ago
Umm..yeah ive run the debugger and noticed my logic for the whole drill is flawed,since the [indexs]i replace may be even number and once the loop gets to the [indexs]ive replaced it makes a whole mess out of everything.
And as far as Methods go,didnt learn it yet.
So im kinda stuck,logicly im thinking maybe replace the index with the next one,but that might cause errors in terms of  the number swaped is also even.Yep im defintly stuck
1 year ago
Hi guys,ive started learning java and im having trouble using arrays,i get the basic consept behind them but every time i need to replace values inside one of the indexes or something similler i get stuck.
Im currently doing an assigment which says "creat an array of 10 numbers,than move all the even numbers to the right side"
will show
or something like that,dosent really matter,the point is to have the even on the right side
ive tried messing around with my code but i just cant figure out how to do so,this is my current code;

Some help will be appreciated,and some genereal in dealing with arrays
1 year ago