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Recent posts by Maha Sakka

yes, evrey thing is correct, my problem is when i click on another item merchant type, the list of product of last merchant still existe
1 day ago
2 days ago
I create an android app withg kotlin, in one of my interface, i create three recyclerview.One for type, the second for category and the last one for product.
For the first click on item in a recyclerviewType, the categorie display then when i click on category the list of product belong appear, but when i click on other item in recyclerviewtype, the category item change but the product still exsite.
So, how can i clear or reset the recyclerview of Product with kotlin.
2 days ago
Thank you very much, that exactly what i want.
4 days ago
here's my gradle file :

4 days ago
I want to put my imageview as the following image
4 days ago
I made some changes, here's the new code:

But, the imageview is still inside the cardview, not in the corner as the image above
4 days ago
with constraintLayout could i put the imageview in the corner as the image above ?
4 days ago
In my android app with kotin, in one of my interface, a recyclerview that contains a grid of cardview. In evrey items in the grid, i want to make an imageview in he corner of the cardview .
The following code is belong to the item :

So, how can i set this imageview in the corner of cardview at the bottom in right as the following photo

4 days ago
I try to anchor an floating button on a cardview without success.

How can i make the floating button in the border of the card view in the bottom right?
5 days ago

Randy Tong wrote:It a little bit hard to understand what you trying to achieve.

when i choose one category and click on, the list of product belongs appear that's what i want to do.
But, in my case, when i click on the category,the list of product of before last category clicked appear not the last one
1 week ago
I create an android app with Kotlin.The description of the app as the following: a recyclerview horizontal which contains all the list of categories, i use adapter. Then, when i click in item in this list, the list of products belongs appear in the bottom in a recyclerview. The disposition of the product list is done in two ways : either list or grid. the following code is the activity :

My problem is when i click on category, the list of products belong appear, then, when i click on another category, the list of product of the last item appear not the list of product of the category clicked. I think to remove the sharedpreference and still not working. the following code is for sharedpreferences :

How can i make my code functionnal?

1 week ago
I have create an android app with Kotlin.This app contains an interface, which contains a recyclerview to get all the list of product.
To fill this list of product, i create an adapter, this adapter is a cardview : Imageview and two textview.
In this interface, i added two buttons, one when i click on all the product display with the list and the other one display with grid disposition.The default value for grid disposition.
I wsant to change the width and the height of a cardview, to display all the product in the List.
The following code is anadapter item:

the following code is an extract from an xml file which cotains a recyclerview :

the following code contains the onclick acion into the two buttom(Imageview) :

after running my app an exception appear as the following :

could you please tell me where's the error and how can i correct it
2 weeks ago