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I realize there is already a valid / workable answer but, I put together a detailed step by step post on this that I hope may help someone else that has a similar issue, particularly if they are trying to use Gradle in conjunction with Eclipse.
2 weeks ago
I think I either found an error in the OCA SE 8 Study Guide book for just don't understand it.

In Ch 2 pg 59 there is the following example snippet:

The explanation of the result is as follows.

First, the x is incremented and returned to the expression, which is multiplied by 5. We can simplify this:

Next, x is decremented, but the original value of 4 is used in the expression, leading to

The final assignment of x reduces the value to 2, and since this is a pre-increment operator, that value is returned to the expression:

Finally, we evaluate the multiple and division from left-to-right ....

The explanation does arrive at the correct values for x and y but, I think the order of ops is described incorrect. Shouldn't it be that the Post-unary operators are evaluated first (x--) as described in "Table 2.1 Order of operator precedence" on pages 52-53 which in this case is as follows below?