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hi Ranchers,
I'm new to Spring boot webservices. I've been trying to communicate between 2 Spring boot web Services for frontend. Here is my scenario:
* 1st microservice: It's for login and main (landing) page. User will enter his credential and upon successful login, he will see the main page; on the main page, there will be 4 different buttons. Clicking any of the button will take user to the appropriate module.
 Let's say: buttons are: "Go to Module1", "Go to Module2", "Go to Module3", "Go to Module4". Now my thought was to make each module as a microservice.
* 2nd microservice: for "MODULE 1"

I've been deploying both microservices in tomact in eclipse.

Now, Login-service (1st microservice) is working fine. And I can see the main-page where I can click the buttons to go to the different modules. Also for the 2nd microservice, if I explicitly hit http://localhost:8080/module1/empCenter/user1 I see the welcome page (which is expected).

But now the issue is, if I try to access the module-1 by clicking on the "Go to Module1", I don't see that welcome page; I get the blank page... no error anywhere. Even though I do see it goes to the controller in "MODULE 1" and call that view (I put a debug point in there).

Below is the restController from Login microservice from where I call the "Module1":

And here is the controller from MODULE_1 microservice:

3 weeks ago