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Dude, I'm in my mid-50s and I'm learning Java for the first time.  40's isn't too old to try again.

Dudette... big proponent of Women in Tech.  Yes thanks I agree should just hunker down and start over instead of  well this.. Also for assuring me that I sufficient knowledge, definitely enough to roll up my sleeves one more time. Mangala
Thank you ?… I am not disheartened. I do know from this website and others that seasoned developers have not been successful sometimes and; that there is a difference between coding and passing the exam. I learnt so much from the OCA guide though. It  targets specific concepts v/s other software text books. Also it’s so well organized. E.g. Texts may tend to talk a loops and conditionals when talking illustrating  Java primitives.
I am just confused on ways forward like is Whizzlabs or any other mock dump experts such as yourself can recommend that will help me reset instead of just repeat blindly… thanks for giving my ramble an audience
Well I got 52% I studied the OCA 8 guide once. And once overed it briefly . I used the enthuware practice exams and OCA 8 practice Tests

Here are some examples of where I got tripped up:
Ternary operator: there were a bunch of unary increment and decrements pre and post variables , then assignments then a nested ternary expression whose result was an assignment to an int ! I don’t  remember the question per say but remember seeing something similar in enthuware only this was far more complicated…
Exceptions and it had variable scope within the code  showing up in the catch and finally with return statements..
Multiple questions on multi dimensional arrays
There was even a question on equals (and equivalence, I think) for local date objects ….

But I must say this: from the  practice exams that I was in the 60% - 70ish ball park enthuware and OCA practice questions… clearly not enough….just like they both indicate.

I am between work.  My last position before the company bankrupted late 2019 was of a
Quality assurance engineer…two years ago the company went from water fall SDLC to Agile. This is where I started to discover that if I want to stay in IT learning to code is very important

I have picked up other certifications from,  scrum alliance, ASTQB and UCSC Silicon Valley Extn. This one was going to by my last. I have never failed before

I know Java, but I don’t know Java this from taking a 8 or 10-week once-in-a-week class .All  I want to do is be able to offer programming skills when I got back to work. And build good automation projects… not just be a certified someone. This to say I was sitting front of these practice questions for long hours before the exam.

The recall on questions are so hazy because I was so exhausted. I couldn’t bring myself to think through one more problem and remember just skimming mindlessly through it towards the end …maybe it was a frozen brain or maybe I shouldn’t code !!!

Sorry not a pity party. I want to reappear but my confidence has taken a bad beating. I literally can tell you answers to most of the questions on enthuware just like the simulation warns..Am not sure what I can do to reset my head and start over … any suggestions are welcome
I failed the OCA 8 in the first attempt… now I feel too old and terribly exhausted to try again…am in my 40’s is that too old to try again … or should I stop being delusional and wait tables instead
thanks well I at least like what the current year looks like in the output. I still don't think I am doing the right thing for the population computation though. And you are right:  I somehow thought that I could write an if and magically the year of double population would show up .

I have moved the bulk of the code from main.  The main method will eventually have a while loop that will allow the user to compute population growth for different inputs.

I will share the source from where the problem is from. when I find a soft copy of it online. This is from a very old dietal How to Program text book.

2 years ago
I always struggle with the logic . Here is a problem I am working on:

Write a program that calculates world population growth each year for the next 75 years, using the simplifying  assumption that the current growth will stay constant. Print the results in a table. The first column should display the year from  year 1 to year 75. The second column should display the anticipated world  population at the end of that year. The third column should display the numerical increase in the world population that would occur that year. Using the results, determine the year in which the population would be double what it is today, if this growth rate were to persist.

Is this correct?

Note: The table just now is rudimentary and prints everything that the problem doesn't ask for.

2 years ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

Things to do, I think:-

  • 1: Sign up to a good forum: this is a good one.
  • 2: Find a good course to enrol into.
  • 3: Create many programs and see how they work.
  • Things not to do:-
  • 1: Work all on your own.
  • 2: Buy a book and think you can learn everything from the book.

  • When you say "Sign up to a good forum" does it mean add yourself as a watcher? or is there something else that needs to be done?
    2 years ago