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Walter Williams

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since Jul 31, 2019
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Recent posts by Walter Williams

I am just learning to work with Node.js and the MEAN stack. I figured the best way to learn is to create a web application.  

This something that wasn't presented in college let alone mentioned that this was the current favored process for writing web applications.

In my learning process I have found that there a couple of way to host my website. (Most mentioned in web searches)
1) With Express
2) With the Apache web server with a2enmod

For now I want to learn the most common way of hosting a MEAN stack website.
(Please feel free of mentioning other alternatives.)

I have a web application that I developed in PHP and MySQL

Thanks in advance.
Walt Williams
Static initialization block is for program code only? One would think you could declare static variables inside a static initialization block (int myNum = -1;) and have it be static or global.

I haven't encountered it until today.
9 months ago