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For example, when dealing with files there are tons of API Files could use.
Do we have an official JavaDoc to refer during the ocpjpt, or we have to memorize everything in our brain?
Hi all,
This is my first-time post in coderanch. Thank you for posting so much useful information and really appreciate your generous sharing!

If possible, I have two questions that need your advice :
a. I barely have much industrial level of Java project development experience, the majority of my work focuses on Python, Hadoop, Spark, etc (Data engineering). However, I do appreciate what OCMJEA can bring to me, after all, Hadoop/Scala, etc are deeply intertwined with Java.
My question is if I don't have any industry Java experience (i.e I have never touched anything related to Java EE topics), I don't think I can pass PCMJEA by reading study guide,  and participate mocking tests.

Do you guys have some advice on how to get practical experience?

b. Another minor question is, do I have to take mandatory training before even taking the very first Java EE 6 Enterprise Architect Certified Master 1Z0-807?
I read posts where people passed SCJEA(Sun era) where the mandatory training is required only when you final request the certification, the order sequence of training and exam does not matter. Things changed?

Thank you guys and wish the best luck to your test/career!