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Recent posts by rob javier

ah yes... stupid of me my question now is how do i use a local inner class? can u give me a good example? many thanks!
how do i invoke a method in a local inner class? i'm coming from an outer class method.
i passed as an argument the symbol " * ". but when i tried to print it, i got this:

btw, my code is as simple as this:
class Ops{
public static void main(String args[]){
17 years ago
Use the Java Language Specification material, "Assertions" tutorial at, and A Programmer's Guide to Java Certification (book) by Mughal. good luck to us!
you're absolutely right, scott! i was reviewing for SCJP for about 3 months already with a few mock exams and 1 review book. i felt that i was 85% confident. i came across this site and the good Valentine Crettaz gave me additional guides. i started with the JLS and wow!.... i realized that i just know just half of what i need to know
i just hope that by concentrating on the JLS, i'll be able to pass the exam. my boss is not that patient, he wants me certified asap
all the best!
hi valentin! thank u so much for the tips and references. i'll go over them asap. one thing that i'm not sure of is what kind of questions will i be expecting. is it as hard as your mock exam questions? (i've tried it a while ago )
i've been preparing for the 1.3 exam. when i got to this site, i learned that there's 1.4. what do i need to learn? i've been using RHS book and Marcus Green's mocks. i feel that it isn't enough. can u give me new reviewers and 1.4 mock exams. thanks in advance guys.