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Please note:

The 2nd Annual IndicThreads Conference On Mobile Application Development will be held on 19-20 August in Pune, India.
The Call for Speakers for the Mobile Conference closes on the 25th of June 2011.

The 6th Annual IndicThreads Conference on Java will be held on 2-3 December also in Pune, India.
The Call For Speakers for the Java conference closes on the 31st of August 2011.

Presenting at a good conference is possibly the best way to learn, network & be recognized as an expert by the technology community.

Submit your session for the Mobile and/or the Java Conference today.


Harshad Oak
Founder - Rightrix Solutions, IndicThreads
Oracle ACE Director, Sun Java Champion
8 years ago
IndicThreads.com Conference On Java Technology is the oldest independent event on Java technology in India and the best place in India for Java learning & discussion. The 4th edition, 2009 conference will be held on 11 - 12 Dec 09 in Pune, India. The conference this year has sessions on new and groundbreaking technologies, emerging trends, successful practices and real world case studies on Java technology, delivered by the best in the business.

The sessions this year deal with topics like JavaME Mobile Development, Android, JavaEE 6, Google Web Toolkit (GWT), Lucene, Solr, JavaScript, Dynamic Languages, Scala, Groovy, Grails, Google App Engine, Scrum, REST, Spring MVC, Jax-WS & more.

Speakers at conference 09 include renowned speakers, book authors & experts from India & abroad, including Allahbaksh Asadullah (Infosys), Aman King (ThoughtWorks), Arun Gupta (Sun Microsystems), Biswajit Sarkar, Kamal Govindraj (TenXperts), Lalit Bhatt, Mushtaq Ahmed (ThoughtWorks), Narinder Kumar (Xebia), Navin Kabra (Punetech), Pramod Nagaraja (IBM), Rohit Nayak (Talentica) & Vikas Hazrati (Xebia).

Harshad Oak, founder of IndicThreads & the only Sun Java Champion in India says "The conference is scheduled for a most interesting time in the history of Java. While Java today is being used more widely than ever before, there are also a number of questions that are being asked of Java. Inline with the state of Java today, the theme for conference 09 is “Turning The Corner”.

Information on location, sessions and registrations can be found on the conference 09 website http://j09.indicthreads.com/.

Venue - Hotel Orbett, Pune, India
Dates -11,12 Dec 2009
Web - http://j09.indicthreads.com

Register - http://j09.indicthreads.com/register/
Past Conferences - http://conference.indicthreads.com/
9 years ago
The 3 day conference will be held at the Hotel Sun n Sand in Pune, India. Conference 2008 is all set to be a gathering of some of the best brains in the field of Java software development. Experts from across the globe will join software developers and architects from India in discussions on the latest in software development tools and techniques. Details at - http://Conference.IndicThreads.com

The theme for the conference is "Architect The Future" and the focus is on architectural issues and on technologies of the future. With the ever growing complexity and demands of enterprise software, the architecture of systems and their performance under severe loads are under close scrutiny. The code no longer is the most vital part of the system. A robust architecture, smart usage of the latest technologies and performance under pressure is what matter most in enterprise software development.

The sessions at the conference take a look at the rich variety of tools and technology options in the Java space and also at emerging stars that could cause a paradigm shift in software development. The sessions would go a long way in helping participants unravel key new technologies and concepts and make best use of the learning on real world projects. Conference sessions deal with topics like Domain Driven Design, SOA, HTML5 WebSocket, Agile, Lean, Ajax, Web 2, Scripting, Java Persistence and Desktop Java amongst others.

Speakers at the conference include reputed authors and thought leaders like Sidda Eraiah, Joe Winchester, Paulo Caroli, Richard Durnall, Debu Panda, Atul Kahate, Srini Penchikala, Harshad Oak and Ramesh Loganathan. The inaugural address will be delivered by Dr. Ganesh Natarajan, Chairman of NASSCOM and the Global CEO of Zensar Technologies Limited. The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Anand Deshpande, the Founder of Persistent Systems.

Harshad Oak, editor of IndicThreads.com and a ' Java Champion' says "The IndicThreads conference is the best source of independent Java learning and discussion in India. We are happy that the conference is now in its 3rd year and we are working to ensure that the conference continues to be a facilitator for fresh and innovative software thinking in India. "

More information about the conference can be found at http://Conference.IndicThreads.com .

Venue - Hotel Sun N Sand, Pune, India
Dates - 25, 26 & 27 Nov 2008
Web - http://Conference.IndicThreads.com
Contact - conf@rightrix.com
Tel - +91-20-32907882
10 years ago
Copies of Books won in previous weeks -
1) EJB3 In Action (Manning)
2) Groovy in Action (Manning)
3 GWT Java Ajax Programming (Packt)

The book for this week -
Alfresco Enterprise Content Management Implementation (Packt)

Music Players and iPod are still very much up for grabs.

Visit - Java Code Contest
[ June 12, 2007: Message edited by: Harshad Oak ]
12 years ago
The IndicThreads-DevSquare Coding Contest is a weekly contest to be held over the next 3 months. You can win a great Java book every week and music players every month. The entire series winner gets a cool iPod. The leader table will be displayed on IndicThreads.com and will be updated based on results every week.

As part of this contest you will be presented with one Java / Java EE problem which you have to solve by writing appropriate code. Your solution will be evaluated on programming parameters - code correctness, compliance with standards, coding efficiency, and coding productivity - and rated.

Check it out -
IndicThreads.com - DevSquare Java Coding Contest
12 years ago
As part of the IndicThreads.com-DevSquare Coding Contest you are provided a problem for which you have to code a solution in Java. Your solution will be evaluated on programming parameters - code correctness, compliance with standards, coding efficiency, and coding productivity - and rated.

This is an online contest and does not require any development environment on your local machine.

Visit -
IndicThreads.com Java Coding Contest
12 years ago
The annual IndicThreads.com Conference on Java Technology is a pure learning and collaboration event like no other in India.

We have invited some of the biggest names in Java technology as speakers at the event and we hope to attract the brightest technology brains in India as delegates.

Here's a small sample of the quality of speakers we have at the event -

* Debu Panda - Author of the book "EJB 3.0 In Action" and several popular J2EE articles.
* Floyd Marinescu - Creator of TheServerSide.com and InfoQ.com. Author of "EJB Design Patterns"
* Raghu Kodali - Author of "Beginning EJB 3". SOA Evangelist
* Gavin King - Creator of Hibernate object/relational persistence software
* Atul Kahate - Author of 13 books including "Cryptography & Network Security"
* Kishore Kumar - Author of the book "Pro Apache Geronimo"
and several other reputed speakers.

Check the entire Speaker List

All sessions are on niche and high-end subjects like Ajax, SOA, Scripting with Groovy and Grails, JSF with Seam, Enterprise Java Security and EJB 3.0

Check the entire Session List

Rs.1499 for 2 days of learning and getting in tune with all that's hot in the Java world is I think, an absolute steal. Besides, technology has this strange habit of rewarding only those who try to keep pace with it.

The venue is the five star Hotel Pride in Pune, India. Registration starts at Rs.1499.

Visit http://conference.indicthreads.com/ for details and online registration

Thanks and see you at the conference!

Write to conf @ rightrix.com if you have any queries. Seats are limited. So I would suggest that if you are interested in the conference, you register soon.
12 years ago
IndicThreads.com is running a contest for the best java blog. 3 first prizes for the top blog entries get a copy of
Foundations Of Ajax

Details at: The Best Java Blog Contest
13 years ago
How does one decide which GUI technology to to opt for? Swing / Flash / HTML or the new AJAX thing?

John Zukowski recently published "The Definitive Guide to Java Swing, Third Edition" and was part of the Expert group for JSR 176: J2SE 5.0 (Tiger) Release. In this interview, he tells us why interest in Java GUIs is growing and how Swing compares with alternative GUI technologies.

>> The future of the Java platform lies in the mobile world
>> Java GUI - Swing vs Flash vs HTML
13 years ago
In an interview with IndicThreads.com, BEA's Jesper Joergensen claims that WebLogic 9.0 takes J2EE to a entirely new level of reliability and scalability. He says that with version 9.0, WebLogic can look at even replacing the super reliable systems that have been around for decades.

>> Weblogic 9.0 takes J2EE to a new level of reliability and scalability
14 years ago
Congrats Karthik, Friso, Nathaniel and Frankie. I hope u enjoy reading the book.
Thanks Tom and Jason.
My best wishes to Javaranch. Keep up the good work!
I don't quite agree that commons components are that fluid. And even if there are changes, the old methods stay deprecated for quite a long while before being deleted. APIs are bound to change and evolve as new requirements and people come in. So I think API changes will always be there.
If one does not need the features of a new version, why migrate? Jakarta keeps all versions of a component available for download so you could very well keep using a version that suits your needs.
The Jakarta project is technically meant for serverside Java however the Commons components are useful for Java development in general and not just for serverside development.
Hello Kishore
Commons is very useful for any kind of Java development. A Struts app is just one of the possibilities.
Commons has dozens of useful components that each do a definite task very well. Most of the Jakarta projects use Commons components. Check the lib directory of Tomcat, Struts...
So it is quite likley that you are already using a component, framework, server... that uses Commons.
Do a commons*.jar search on your machine and you might be surprised by the results.
HttpClient is concerned with sending HTTP requests from Java code and then handling the response in Java code.
If i am not mistaken, HtmlUnit uses HttpClient.