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Recent posts by Bhagya Tangutur

i am using Oracle thin driver.
Infact i am able to retrieve columns for table synonym,i set the property setINcludeSynonyms(true) on
oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleConnection from ther eit works fine.

Now when i am trying to get Primary keys through table synonym.I am getting
empty result set for it.Please let me know if you have any solution for it.

How can i get Information about table columns from TableSynonym.
getColumns name in DatabaseMetadata returns empty result set for tableSynonyms.

because of security restrictions and for easy database maintainence i should not use table names itself.

I am using following method to check number of columns in Table synonym.
passing tableSynonym for tableName pattern argument.

getColumns(String catalog, String schemaPattern, String tableNamePattern, String columnNamePattern)
Retrieves a description of table columns available in the specified catalog.

Do you guys suggest any work around to get Columns associated with real table from its synonym.
How can i filter Table Synonyms with View Synonyms.

here is my code snippet which gets all Synonyms from Oracle Database.
String catalog=null;
String schema =mySchmea;
String tableNamePattern="%"
String[] types={"SYNONYMS"};

DatabaseMetaData dbData =referenced with my dbMetaData here.....

Resultset tablesResult = dbData .getTables(catalog, schema, tableNamePattern,types ) ;

This returns me all Synonyms created in the Schema.
Now i have to segregate TableSynonyms from ViewSynonyms.

i am showing properties of node in the right hand side on tree selection.
what i did is i implemented tree selection listener and updating the properties.It works very well.
performance improvements:
what happened in previous case is: if user selects different nodes in tree rapidly.It just tries to fetch information for each node.I want to show properties of last node in this process.I want to do it just like windows explorer.
20 years ago
how can i increase the intercell spacing in tree.Right now i am setting Empty border to increase the intercell spacing.I guess it is hit on performance.please let me know ,if any better way of doing it.
20 years ago
That's perfect.It works great now.
20 years ago
your right doesn't work prior to jdk1.4.
besides,I want to keep all other buttons,Title(Frame/Window decorations).Thanks for u r sussestion,I came to know something new with your posting.
20 years ago
Yes...I am already calling that function.My concern is It doen't look like it's i wanna change it's icon or i totally wanna remove that close button.because it is just misleads to the user.
20 years ago
How to disable or remove Close Button on JFrames???
20 years ago
What is the Best way to show OptionPane in Multi Threaded Environment.
why I am pointing about Multi Threaded Environment is,Any thread can show Message in OptionPane.So some times there is chance of dead Lock.
20 years ago
Is any one aware of Synchoronizing all methods in class.
I have a third party class.whose methods are not synchronized.
but when i am using that class in my application.I used we have a case where there is a chance of dead lock.because the same class is accessed from two different threads.
one solution to this is subclass the third party class and ovveride all methods to become synchronized.and replace thirparty class/Objectc with it's subclass.
but i don't want to change the code all is there any way i can just lock the object/Class in one that it acts as if it acquired lock on the Object/Class.

your sussestions are greatly appreciated....or alternative/better approaches are most welcome.

i am using code repository CVS and i added file with default "cvs add filename".CVS changis the file and that's why i was getting this error.
Simpel sol went like this.I have to add the file in to cvs in binary format.
cvs add -kb filename that solved the problem
21 years ago
one way of doing it is changing border and increase the Margin.
ig u want to change look and feel.u can use putClientProperty() method.
21 years ago
u have to call getKeyChar() method while checking u r conditioncal checks not getKeyCode().
getKeyCode() Returns the integer keyCode associated with the key in this event.
21 years ago
call setValueAt() method .
say each row in table represents some object.which have values for set and get.
so in setValue method set the new value in the object which will show new values.
21 years ago