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Recent posts by Mike Warren

I had the same problem with the latest version of J2EE (1.4 ?), so I reverted to the previous version (1.3.1 I think) which works OK.
I noticed that on SUN's forums there has been quite a lot of discussion of this problem, but since I've got a working version haven't been to woried about it yet.
Suprised it hasn't been brought up here before now though!
web page
Has anyone come accross any industry standard (or non-statndard) schemas for EPOS data ?
I know about "www.xml.org/xml/registry.jsp", but can't see anything relevant there.
thanks Mike
Found that someone else had same problem in the Sun Forums :-
The answer is "You must add the too class-files (ConverterHome.class and Converter.class) to the web-archive and then deploy the ear-file again."
I've tried this - it fixes the errors in the Verifier, but I still can't get the web client to work - get the same errors in Internet Explorer as before.
Vaing compared the war files, in the ear files (example ear files are in the "j2eetutorial\examples\ears" directory)I note that the Sun example doesn't include these class files, so I don't think this can be the answer.
Any ideas anyone ?
The complete list of errors I get in IE are as follows :-

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I'm having problems with the "Getting Started", Converter app. in Sun's J2EE tutorial. I did have it working, but have now returned to it in order to refresh my memory before continuing, and can't get it to work.
I've tried uninstalling the application. Stoping the j2ee server and running "cleanup". I've restored the original tutorial directory, and worked through the tutorial step, by step, but still get errors, when trying to run the web client by directing my browser to "http://localhost:8000/converter/index.jsp".
The errors I get from the verifier seem to suggest that class's ConverterHome and Converter can't be found - but I can't see anything wrong in my setup :-

If its of any help I get the following errors displayed in Internet Explporer:-

.. and so on, with the following further down :-

Any helpful suggestions gratefully recieved.
Thanks Mike.