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Hi friends:

(I apologize if someone else already Qs & As)

The certification role for ICED - IBM WebSphere App Server v4.0 will be withdrawn after December 31, 2004, according to

(1) Does that mean I have to take WebSphere Studio V 5.0 after December 31, 2004 in order to keep the status of ICED?

(2) If so, for ICED V 5.0, how many tests do I need? Just 484 and 287?

Thanks a lot.

You got nothing unless you complete the who series of tests designed for the Enterprise Developer certification. For more info please go to and
Take care
There is no luck for me either :-(. I plan to take real 286 and 287 after the Tax day, if I can get vouchers, of course, (I took assement tests for 286 at 3am EST, April 2, and 287 at 5am EST, April 8).
I think 287 and 341 really cool, and while I really like them, but IBM seems not to be willing to issue me thier vouchers :-)
Take care.
Please scroll down to the bottom of the page at (I just found out), and also you can, according a response from, fax your scores "to 800-242-6329 attention certify".
Good luck.
I did IBM286 about 3am est, April 2, and I got nothing either. This earlier morning (about 5 am est) I did IBM 287, I am crossing my fingers now :-)
best wishes.
have a look at
why are you interested in a 2-geration-old cert? Just curious :-) (also testing fee is $50 more expensive than WLS 7.0, and ... WLS 8.1?)
good luck.
Here is from FAQs at
18. Who will issue my certificate: jCert or the certifying organization that published the exam? Who issues my certificate if multiple exams are required?
The certificate for passing any jCert-recognized exam is issued by the certifying organization that publishes the exam. All certificates that satisfy requirements for jCert job roles are branded with two logos: the jCert logo and the vendor's or certifying organization's logo. The jCert Initiative does not issue separate certificates for fulfilling job-role certification requirements.
The jCert Solution Developer and Enterprise Developer job roles each require certificants to pass one or more core exams and an elective vendor exam. For these certifications, the vendor selected to fulfill the elective vendor exam requirement will be the certifying organization that will send the jCert Solution Developer or jCert Enterprise Developer certificate to the candidate. This certificate will be branded with two logos: the vendor's logo and the jCert logo. For these certifications, <H1>the candidate must send a copy of the passing score report for each required core exam prior to receiving the jCert Solution Developer or jCert Enterprise Developer certification</H1>. Visit the Job Roles page for more information.
I received my other certificates from IBM, but no Jcert

Thanks for sharing info
Would anyone please provide info regarding how and where to send the score reports for JCert Enterprise Developer Certification (IBM)? I read some posts here about that, but just could not find. (I visited IBM's sites and also sent email to a few days but there has been no luck as of this writing :-(
BTW, BEA's respose is really quick, unfortunately it's no more with Jcert any more (of course my own understanding)
Thanks a lot.
Capacity growing rule is:
newCapacity = (currentCapacity + 1) * 2,
and also, in Sun's implementation of StringBuffer, the algorithm for StringBuffer.setLength(int newLength) is:
if (newLength > (currentLength + 1) * 2)
newCapacity = newLength;
1 int i=200 ;
2 String s="123456";
3 StringBuffer sb=new StringBuffer(s); //sb.length() is 6
4 sb.setLength(i); // 200 > (6 + 1) * 2
5 System.out.println(sb.capacity()); //print 200
1 String s = "123456";
2 StringBuffer sb = new StringBuffer(s);
3 for(int i = 0; i <= 400 ; i++) {
6//when i=200, sb.capacity()=382;???
7 }
here, you see, sb.capacity() is 382 when i is in between 191 and 382, because, for example
200 < (191 + 1) * 2,
so the capacity will follow its own growing rule, that is,
sb.capacity() is 766 after currentLength becomes 383, one greater than currentCapacity.

Wish this helps, but I don't think it is a good idea for a good API to expose its detailed implementation :-)