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ronald deux

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since Sep 22, 2019
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Recent posts by ronald deux

ok, i haven't thought about that, without the mystery variable, i can't get the same answers.
I did all kinds of calculations without the mystery variable and it gave nothing
it took my head this code,
I have a question about z--, it's the same as z-1 ???
1 week ago
excuse me for my english, i'm not english, i'm using google translate
I know how to make a copy paste but it didn't work, I had to type the code by hand
I do calculations on paper to arrive at the same answers when you click on run but I can't
I give you the output, what interests me is to understand each line of code to arrive at the same results

3 0
1 2 4
4 3
5 2 4
8 1
5 9 4
2 weeks ago

I could not make a copy paste
but i don't understand how to calculate this java code
Thank you for your help
2 weeks ago

i try to apply it to eclipse but it does not work because it's greenfoot
4 months ago

I started a piece of code,
when i click left on the jpg image,
other even images appear randomly in the window
I have trouble finishing with the random method
Thank you for your help
4 months ago