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This is my 3 classes atm.


2 weeks ago
I am very new to the whole graphical side of Java, this needs no function ability at all. It does not need to be function able where it calculates anything it just needs to be graphically ascetic to the example picture, not exact.  I want to get a good idea of how to do this before I start doing a hard mid term assignment so I picked out a sample problem out of my book and would just like a walk through.  I know it would need a main method, and 2 classes. So right now I have GUI04Driver for the main method, GUI04FlowLayoutRadioButtons, and GUILayout as my 3 classes.  Here is a picture of what it is suppose to look like (attached) , any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!

The Sample Output uses 6 labels, 4 radioButtons, 4 textFields, 5 Panels and 1 button
a. Labels
i. TitleLabel
ii. radiolabel
iii. widthLabel
iv. heightLabel
v. radiusLabel
vi. lengthLabel
b. Radio Buttons
(note: buttons must be mutually exclusive…they must be part of a group)
i. rectangleRadioButton
ii. boxRadioButton
iii. circleRadioButton
iv. cylinderRadioButton
c. Text Fields
i. widthTextField
ii. lengthTextField
iii. heightTextField
iv. radiusTextField
d. Panels
i. radioButtonPanel
ii. widthPanel
iii. lengthPanel
iv. heightPanel
v. radiusPanel
2 weeks ago