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Recent posts by Skumar Patel

Hi Adam,

Appreciate your quick response.

So modern programming - Does it means web development or something else?

1 week ago
Respected Sir/Madam,

Can you please let us  know how Java and Javascript together you have used to made programming easy.


1 week ago
Respected Sir/Madam,

Can you please tell me how certification book improve spring knowledge?

This seems to be very basic question but i will appreciate your answer

Thank You
2 weeks ago
Hi Iuliana Cosmina,

I have bought your certifiation book in Dec and received in mid January. It is at work and now due to COVID-19 since last 2 month i am unable to go to work and what message i am getting is that may be another 2 to more months i will not able to go to my work place.

Is there a way i can get some pdf version so i can read on my lpatop. I had already paid for my paper book?

Its a kind request. If possible please consider. I can send you my email so you can send me the pdf file.

Thank you
1 month ago

Edmund Yong wrote:Hi,

I am from Singapore and the last time I posted anything here was 10 years ago!

I had obtained the SCJP 1.2 certificate and the SCWCD 1.4 certificate in 2000 and 2005 respectively. Those certificates were issued by Sun Microsystems, which had since been acquired by Oracle. As it's been a long time since I have gone for any certification exam, the process to apply to sit for the exams could be different now. So I have the following questions.

(1) Would my certification records and my personal details be in Oracle?

(2) If I want to sit for the 2 exams for new OCP Java SE 11 Developer certification, how can I go about it? Should I contact Oracle Singapore directly or register for the exams via Oracle Singapore's web site?


I was in same situation like you and below discussion might help you

Here is the steps suggested by Anthony Tsang

1. Login Oracle CertView. Create an Oracle account if you don't have one.
2. You will be asked to provide an Oracle Testing ID in PearsonVUE. If you don't have one, follow the guide to create one in PearsonVUE. It takes a few days for PearsonVUE to generate an Oracle testing ID for your account.
3. Login Oracle CertView and enter your Oracle Testing ID. Your Oracle account is now linked to your PearsonVUE account.
4. Probably you can't find your SCJP in your certification history. Now, open the Support page and you will be redirected to a list of FAQ.
5. Expand any of them, and click "Log Ticket" button.
6. Fill in the support form to ask for displaying your SCJP in the certification history. Provide as much information of your SCJP as possible. (I even scanned my hardcopy SCJP certificate and upload with the support form)
7. A support log is now created. You will receive email notification upon any reply from the Oracle support team. They will guide you for the ongoing steps.

It took me about 1 week to have my SCJP displayed in CertView. During the process you will be contacting Oracle support team and PearsonVUE back and forth. Oracle support team is helpful and efficient, so don't worry.

Blake Edward wrote:Just bought my voucher for half price... The pressure is on.

Hi Blake Edward,

Congratulation and Best of luck.

Please let me know what are the steps you will take to register(appear) for exam using voucher code?.

If you do online or by with phone call, please let me know.

Thank You

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Look here for the 50% off.

Hi Cambell

Thank you for your reply.

When I use the PersonVue website I can not apply the voucher code it ask me to pay $330.

Please advise


Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:PearsonVUE is where you pay/register for the exam.

How do I buy voucher with 50% discount and register for exam
Hi All,

I am looking for buying certification voucher and than register for exam(1z0-815)

If you can provide me 2 steps link will be of great help

Thank You,
Respected Sir/Madam

Does this book uses advance feature of Java or only basics?. Really curious to know how different parts of math included in with Java. Old college days i still remember LinkList and Queue example all the time

Thank you and best of luck with your book launch.
7 months ago
Hi Jeanne Boyarsky & Scott Selikoff

Congratulation to both of you to published the book.

I came back to forum and this path after Year 2000, to refresh and energize and hope to clear certificate.

I hope and wish your book will provide me that and really wanted to win this contest

Please let me know how your book is different or resourceful than Hanumant book?

Is your book covers lamda expression and modular in detail?

Thank You


iuliana cosmina wrote:Hello Skumar,

Honestly I can not give you a straight answer, because I do not know a book I can compare it to.

But here's what I can tell you. This book has been written by somebody who is a certified as a Spring professional, who has been working on Spring projects since 2012 and who is passionate about this framework. It has also been reviewed by Manuel Jordan which is an official Spring Trainer and a very-very dedicated reviewer. He never cuts me any slack, and did not allow me to put something in the book that was not explained properly or completely.

When writing the book this is the collection of links that I periodically checked :
- - the Spring official blog - whenever a new version of any of the Spring projects is released, its details will be posted here
- - to quickly generate Spring Boot projects and test things quick
- - all Spring projects and direct links to thier official reference documentation
- - John Thompson - he has working, practical Spring examples
- - the Official Pivotal page for the Spring Professional Certification, here is where you can find a Spring Study guide, and a list of topics required for the exam - all covered in the book.

I also have the tendency of using Spring SNAPSHOT versions and inspecting their code directly in IntelliJ IDEA. The code is publicly available on GitHub as well: This means, the book will be quite up to date and it won't get deprecated so soon after it is published.

Everything you need to learn Spring is already publicly available. Most books just add in a suite of learning steps, a learning track and a project that lets you see how Spring can be integrated with other technologies; like different databases, Docker, Gradle, etc.

The book also has a suite of supporters that send me emails, with errors they found and suggestions for improvements. With their help and based on their feedback, I maintain the book and the code, constantly update the Errata and notify people on Twitter when this happens.

If all this does not convince you this book is worth it ... sorry, that's all I have. ;)


Hi iuliana cosmina,

I am happy and satisfied with your reply and will buy your book once its available.

Thank You
8 months ago
Respected Sir

Just wanted to know how is your book is different than other available in market?. What makes your book unique?
How you manage to cover all exam details with book as spring is very vast to cover.

Thank you
8 months ago