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since Oct 25, 2019
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I dabbled in writing C code for micro controllers for a bit. Around June 2019 I was introduced to Java. I loved it from the start. I am now an Oracle Certified Java SE 11 Professional.
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Recent posts by Jesse Duncan

One way to test the effectiveness of a test suit is to use mutation testing. Personally I have never used it.

Here is an article on how it can be done with PI Test:
8 months ago
Welcome to the Ranch
1 year ago
I can't make it this time around, although I'd love to be there.
1 year ago
Are there any updates? So far it seems the leading days on the cow poll are tomorrow and Friday afternoon.
1 year ago
Question: Do you decouple your test classes from your code classes, and if so, what does the structure of your tests look like?

Context: I watched this Uncle Bob video on TDD and I found this particular Q&A interesting:

To paraphrase (badly): Q: Should every class have a matching unit test class? Uncle Bob's response: It is a bad idea to couple the tests to the structure of the classes, because this will make the tests fragile. He also gives a recommendation on how to avoid this.
1 year ago
You should believe it already then
1 year ago
I would absolutely love to watch!
1 year ago
It looks like I'm doing the same as Tim:
I used the same BingoBoard class for both parts:

The rest is basically the same for part 1 and 2, only the logic is switched to select the board with the least moves instead of the most:

Part 2:
My solution to part one; not great but it worked.
My solution to part two (my original didn't use the new switch syntax, though. It is so much neater!):

I don't know how to do fancy stuff, so I just did a simple Submarine class with methods to update its values in the specified way. I hardly had to change it for the second part. I work in Ruby for my day job, so I'm taking this as a opportunity to remember my Java.
I'm looking forward to it, though I don't expect to get far
Congrats to all of you
2 years ago