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Recent posts by Sanjay Mehta

Thank you ALL for response, sharing your experience and posting links. I have reviewed those links and able  reach I am able to see exam history.
Oracle web site design is not an issue, but there is no one to help. No chat, no call number and one can just send message. That day I was kept getting response "sorry something went wrong, please submit form again." so it was like no options available.
Thanks Java Ranch community where at least it's easy to share the issue & can expect help. Thank you ALL.

Ha Ha Ha, while posting above message I was getting following

The specific error message is: "p l s" is a silly English abbreviation; use "please" instead.

I was surprised as I couldn't find "p l s" in my message, on search on message, I found that's part of full URL I was trying to post.
2 years ago
I am not sure if this is correct forum to throw up my frustration, but just spent 2 hours to have help with queries and just sharing as I am frustrated & helpless.

there is no way to contact these business minded ... no chat option , no call option.... every option finally takes to FAQ and provides link to raise a ticket. I filled same form 8 times, every time, I am getting message that "thanks for submit ticket. something went wrong. raise another ticket after sometime". If you call any oracle help number, the moment you choose (press button) for certification, you get a auto message to visit site and fill the ticket. is this real? have anyone else gone trough this or I am missing basics.

Can someone please guide for following queries?

Q1. if you visit
There is option to buy a voucher (a green button). next to that "Add to Cart" there is alert and that alert says " This voucher can be used to take most Oracle Certifications exams, with the exception of online exams, master assignments, and Oracle Cloud exams."  does it means this exclusion is  only for Online exams.  or does it means   "exception of online exams, master assignments, and Oracle Cloud exams."

Q2. I have taken Sun Certification in 2009, is there a way to see History of my certification? I do have Sun Certification Id with me. is there any site where I can see my certification history using that Id.

Q3. Can I use same id for Oracle Java cert or do I need to create/apply for new one.

2 years ago

SwapanB Biswas wrote:I recently have cleared all the steps - 807, 865, 866. You can ask  questions here about your doubts. Happy to help.. happy to learn..!!

you mean, you have passed part -1, 2, 3  


sure, I would be dropping my queries in the forum....  

Campbell Ritchie wrote:

Sanjay Mehta wrote:. . . Mark Cade 2010 book... . . .

Please supply more details about that book; it might be too old to be any use to you.

Thank you Campbell for your message. It's

Sun Certified Enterprise Architect for JEE - Second Edition by Mark Cade, Humphrey Sheil

Swapna latha wrote:Hi, I would like to know what badge do I get if I pass izo 807 certification

Thanks and regards

I am also starting prep for part 1; trying to start prep since long   ;

would you like to be online study buddy... I am starting with Mark Cade 2010 book... lets see where do I land  
Please reach OCMJEA forum,
click SCEA FAQ
On FAQ page; click SceaOnlineResources

On SceaOnlineResources page search,
Notes by those who have become certified
Tim Ho's  part I notes


Campbell Ritchie wrote:Welcome to the Ranch

Which link; you didn't post it? As you say, we might do well to edit the link if it is 17 years old.

Sorry I missed it, I have updated first post.

Following link is in FAQ of OCMJEA,
Tim Ho Part - 1
it's 17 year old post without technical info, but having request to email notes

I guess, admin should review if this link is needed in FAQ (in exam prep links)

Following quote is at below link,

Praveen john wrote:
Thanks for your response Mikalai Zaikin. I called and checked again and Oracle support team confirmed I can take up the exam and take the training later. I just took the exam today and cleared it

Is it still same, one can take all 3 exam and take training at the end to get the certification?


I have Java 2 Programmer, Java 2 Developer & Java 5 Business Component certifications.

I want to take OCMJEA, and at Certificate Path - Step 1 suggest to have mandatory course before taking OCMJEA - Part 1;

Is it required do this course for OCMJEA completion at any stage of certification or mandatory even before I take OCMJEA - Part 1