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Ray Gilbert

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Recent posts by Ray Gilbert

Here it is:

2 days ago

It only worked on that one app. I have another and it fails. It won't compile.

Back to the drawing board.
2 days ago

Kristina Hansen wrote:It would be helpful for others reading this later on how you fixed it in the end.

Yes, sorry. I meant to post the code but I forgot.

2 days ago
I poked around and tried it this way and it works!

Though no one this far had the exact solution yous guys
helped me look around in the right areas to fix it.

Thank you all for your responses, help, and input.
2 days ago
Tried it.

Still has default java icons:

3 days ago

Ron McLeod wrote:How are you building your jar?

Have you configured the resources folder as a project source?

I am exporting a runnable jar with Eclipse IDE.

Configured as a project? I have the resources folder in the source tab of
the build path.

"Source folders on build path:


3 days ago
Eclipse isn't putting the resources folder in the jar just the image.
I tried opening the archive, adding a folder and putting the image in it but it still does not work.
Placing the '/' before resources "/resources/OmniAsym200.gif" only makes the image not show
when I run it in Eclipse. It seems like it should be an easy thing to do.

In the jar is a META-INF folder, an org folder, the resources folder that I created after I exported the jar.
then there are the JCalendar class files.

This is the Manifest:

I have read some on manifest files but I still don't have
a clear idea how to work with them and eclipse outputs
a different manifest than what I saw on Oracle's site.
3 days ago
The jar runs perfectly but it doesn't have my icon and logo.
The image is in a resourse folder and it is included in the build path.
The image is also in the jar file. I don't know how to solve this.

I am using JavaSE12

Any help is greatly appreciated.

3 days ago
Thank you Junilu. I went from looking at your code and feeling like I've never heard of Java to basically understanding this in a day. Amazing.
1 week ago
I got:

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.RuntimeException: Test failed: expected 99 but got 2147483647 instead

I will go through the same process with testMaxWithSomeNegativeNumbers() and testMaxWithAllNegativeNumbers()
1 week ago
I went through testMaxWithAllPositiveNumbers with all
of the steps. I then added

All tests passsed

Now I will try:
1 week ago

I meant:
1 week ago
I have made the changes to the Test code:

And the MinMax class:

And the result:

"Exception in thread "main" java.lang.UnsupportedOperationException: max() method has not been implemented yet."

I am working through it the same way as the min method.
1 week ago

Junilu Lacar wrote:
Yup. So now you know that the small change you made introduced a bug. When you change it back to how it was, you're more confident that it's the correct implementation. Seeing the same thing happen with the other tests will give you further confirmation that you have the correct solution.

I wouldn't have known how to change the production code if you had not
given it to paste in. I wouldn't know how to change a different code to cause a controlled
failure. I can say that I am starting to see it and understand what is happening now. I am
greatful for your time and patience.
1 week ago