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Recent posts by Jim Beagley

Hi all.

I have developed an app in Springboot, running a tomcat server displays several forms for inputting data for compiling UDP messages to send to different equipment.

The problem I have, is that the different equipment has subtle differences in required data, for example, one type has a time parameter that is mandatory, and another has no time parameter, and another the time is not mandatory.
Another example would be that some equipment use one term for a control parameter in the message, whereas another would use the same parameter but with a different name.

Obviously I could have different forms for each type, but this seems like it would be very bad practice and not at all malleable.

Can someone give me a steer as to how to handle this situation, in terms of displaying the correct fields in my forms, and then error and bounds checking the entered data in a logical and sensible manner for each case.

I should say that whilst I am not new to programming (I programmed C+ many years ago for real money), I am new to Java, JS, HTML, Spring, OOP and all the other things that I have chosen to use on this journey :-)

Thanks in anticipation for your thoughts and ideas,
2 weeks ago