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Recent posts by Daniel Rogerson

This programme is supposed to find the longest straight-line distance between two points.

     @param points an array of points, each represented as a length-2 array of x and y coord.

     @return the longest straight-line distance between any two points in an array of points in points

3 weeks ago

I have to create a method:

It should read values from the input line alternately into xVal and yVal until a negative value is read or until greater than 2∗maxPoints
are read. which returns an int numPoints.
output needs to be shown in the format:

Having trouble figuring out how to read into ALTERNATE arrays. Thank you
4 months ago

       My code below is supposed to read text from a file and store it into a string,
       then count the frequency of each letter and store it into an array counters. When
       compiling i receive the arrayindexoutofbounds error for line 42 of my code which is the
       line: scanner2.close() .

   Also confused on what the \\A string pattern does on the use.delimiter() as a partner helped
   with this and forgot to add comments. thank you
4 months ago