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Recent posts by Samie Mahmood

Hi All,

I just would like to state I am learning about Java so consider me as a newbie.

So at work we have Windows 7 Client using Java 7 Update 25 and connects to a java web based application and works fine.

I am upgrading the computers to Java 8 Update 162 and getting the error below after I input login details to the application

I have done research and this points to the application requiring authentication/handshake at webserver at SSL which I also checked the network traffic and compared between Java 7 machine and Java 8 machine and Java 7 will happily do a single handshake with the web server at SSL and then continue with TLS but the Java 8 machine won't do this even though I have enabled the algorithm within the file BUT when I only leave SSLv3 enabled on Java 8 and disable TLS as a whole the application works fine but this breaks other web based application that require TLS as minimum.

I do know Java 8 Update 31 (8u31) has disabled SSLv3 - which you can enable within

I have imported the website certificate within IE11 and also via Java Control Panel still same issue.

Also imported via command line in Java cacerts - still same error.

The website support have also updated the website cert in a test environment still get the same problem

What my question is:

Is possible from the client side to configure JAVA use SSLv3 for a website and port number?

I know worst case scenario we would have to go to the web application and up the encryption level to TLSv1.2 but this is supported by a different team not helping much as this time.

Here is the code on the Java console from the client where it fails:

1 week ago