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Recent posts by Royale Summers

Hi Jenia -

I'm still pretty new but I found your question interesting.

Here's what I found:

This might be of some help until someone with more experience posts a response.

1 day ago
Diid -

I'm pretty new to Java and I heard that book you are using is great for beginners.

Below are what I'm currently using:

Thinking in Java (I love how the author breaks down the concepts; it's a bit dated published in 2007)

CodeAcademy  --
W3Schools --

Interview Questions Websites
Journal Developer

Java Full Course | Java Tutorial for Beginners | Java Online Training | Edureka (10 hours long)

The interview site gives me insights as to what to learn....this should get you off to a good start!
3 days ago
Stephan -

Thanks for the time, effort, and thought you placed in this response.

I will have to read this a couple more times.

If I remember correctly, Factory method is a Design Pattern?  Anyways, thanks and I will absorb all this fabulous information.

Is this something that is used often?

Again, thanks for the input!
4 days ago
Stephan -

I read this link on Chain Constructors:

I read why it's needed (please see excerpt below) but I'm still not clear on its purpose?  Any additional details that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.

Why do we need constructor chaining ?
This process is used when we want to perform multiple tasks in a single constructor rather than creating a code for each task in a single constructor we create a separate constructor for each task and make their chain which makes the program more readable.

4 days ago
Fred -

Thank you so, so much for your response.  I have been wondering this for a while.  I started CodeAcademy and it stated that it would explain this later in the course.

Now, I don't have to wait to get there to know why the signature is as such.

Again, thank you!
4 days ago
Knute -

Okay, thanks!
1 week ago
Knute -

That's weird.  I got 404 also but it works when I click on the URL from within Quora?

Please try this one...
1 week ago
Salvin -

I found it:

"You can ask the developer take this free online Java test:

After the test, have the developer send you a screenshot of the test results."
1 week ago
Salvin -

Thanks.  I already saw that and corrected it.  No, the operators are correct in the code.
1 week ago
Paul -

I would have to double-check but I think Quora.  I asked about the breadth and depth of knowledge required for an entry-level developer.  Someone posted a quiz for me.
1 week ago
I'm doing a practice test and this one has me stumped by the possible answers:

The possible answers are:

a.) 10+20Java
b.) 1020Java
c.) 30Java

I'm not understanding how no answer has 200.  I thought that the order of operations would have the multiplication
1 week ago
Here goes some ideas:

Airlines Reservation System
Bug Tracking System
Career Information Management System
Course Management System
Currency Converter
Data Visualization Software
Digital Steganography
E Health Care Management System
Electricity Billing System
Email Client Software
Event Management System
Farmers Buddy
File Transfer and Chat
Knowledge Evaluator Software
Library Management System
Mail Server
Network Packet Sniffer
Number Guessing Game
Online Attendance Management System
Online Bank Management System
Online Book Store
Online Customer Care and Service Center
Online Document Management System
Online Examination Management System
Online Medical Management System
Online Quiz System
Online Survey System
Photo Lab Management System
RSS Feed Reader
Smart City Project
Stock Management System
Student Result Processing System
Supply Chain Management System
Telephone Billing System
Travel Management System
University Admission Management System
Virtual Private Network
Web Server Management System
1 week ago
Sergey -

What mean "Note that in the Bath constructor, a statement is executed before any of the initializations take place."?
Can you explain also explain phrase "before you send a message to an object reference"?

If I am understanding your question, when you create an Object, a Constructor is called.  I think it's saying that some code is ran inside the compiler prior to the Constructor being called.  If you don't have a Constructor defined then the system will use the 'default' one.

In Object-oriented Programming (OOP), a program is a bunch of Objects communicating with each other (paraphrased from the book).  With that in mind, your Methods 'communicate' with other Objects.  So, the message in this context, I believe, is any 'Call' made to an Object reference (and not the actual Object itself).  I hope this helps.

I'm pretty new at this but these are me thoughts....I'm reading the same book but I'm not as far as you.
1 week ago