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David-kodi Weber

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Recent posts by David-kodi Weber

I've just created a simple java REST service with IBM-RAD env.
I need to provide a Swagger file for this service.
Is there any tool, to auto create this file, based on my REST service I just created?
Or do I have to write it manually?
2 weeks ago

Claude Moore wrote:I've just checked my installation of RAD - no wizard to autogenerate REST endpoint.
However, while SOAP it's really cumbersome to implement by hand, with REST you have to place a couple of annotations on the methods you want to expose as services.
I'd do that by hand, or, maybe, I'd write my own tool to mangle the source code.

Thanks for your answer.
What are you doing after configure the annotations? How do you "create" the REST web service itself?

P.S: What version of RAD are you using? Maybe in newer versions it's possible?

1 year ago

Stephan van Hulst wrote:Welcome to CodeRanch!

From what kind of class do you generate a SOAP service?

I believe that some IDEs have wizards to generate a REST resource controller from an entity class, but in general I prefer to write my controllers by hand, because it's pretty easy and the code looks better.

The kind of class I want to generate a REST service, is a simple general class.
I prefer not to do it manually, because I have hundreds of these classes which are already exist, and I need to regenerate REST from them, and it can take time to do it manually.
I prefer a "right click" option, and do it automatically, if it possible  (I'm using RAD).
1 year ago
I'm used to generate SOAP web service, by clicking the right button and creating a JAX-RPC web service from a class, automatically.

But Now, i need to create a REST web service. Is there any automatic way to do so, or do i need to develop it manually, with annotations etc...?

(I'm using Rational application developer)

1 year ago