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Recent posts by Mike Savvy

Congratulations! Very interesting book. Happy reading
21 hours ago
Thank you for the explanation, I understand the part with certification (but who will proof that and give certificates?).
But I do not understand the purpose and why is that meaningful to say that you have worked as a SE the whole life? I think that point has confused me.
So what are you and other people would like to have? To have a land? For home / garden ?  How is your idea works? Somebody has the garden and everybody can help him with planting trees?
P.S. is that really a problem to buy a land? In many places in europe you can become that nearly for free.
2 days ago
I read the email, this topic, kickstarter, website, saw the video, but I still don't understand what is the story about
2 days ago
Thank you for your feedback!
Did you prepared just with a book or also used some mock tests ?
Well why not? Pandemic time proofed that online only teching works.
Many schoolars and students (not except me) are studying online only for longer than 1 year now and I also had practice at company as a java programmer in this time and every time I needed a help I just wrote or called my colleagues via Teams.
I think it can be even more productive than in real life because you have by far fewer distraction like office etc.
Other question is that if the person isnt good in English it may be difficult for both to understand each other.
3 days ago
Why use Amazon if you can see the whole content of the book on manning website for free?
3 days ago
Sharwan Ka welcome to CodeRanch!

Of course it will help you, math is very important for both physics and graphics of games.
I guess it will help game programmers much more than programmers for business applications.
3 days ago
Thank you for the answer!
It sounds very interesting!
4 days ago
I saw it has matrices and movings which are algebra and dicrete math, but is there also some stochastic or especially proofs (and how to understand them) ?
4 days ago
Hello there!
I have 2 questions: one about a book and the second one about similar, but different topic.

1. Can this book help me in undestand better university math for computer scientists ?

2. Is there also something similar (for programmers) but for English? I mean, it's hard for me to understand even Java Course hosted by Oracle University or Jeanne's books.

P.S. maybe this question isn't in the right forum, but also would like to read the book "Math for programmers", that's why I'm posting here.
4 days ago
If you have the book, they say in the beginning which chapters you can skip if you already know java basics.
I think you would need a getter for private variable
1 week ago
By the way there are hundreds of errors in sybex study guides...

Actually I find that this Oracle course which is free can be helpful in preparation for java certification only for persons with java or at least programming experience.
It would be better if the exercises which are explained in videos are given, but they are not. So these explanations are useless for me because I do not know the context. There is literally just ~1h video for 1 chapter and this may be enough only for somebody who just want to repeat or review the stuff.
But these lectures are just a small part of full course, of course.