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Recent posts by Mike Savvy

I often saw the statement on the subject topic on the internet and thought I was somewhat skeptical about it.
Now I have a friend who is finishing his Ph.D. degree in something totally different than CS and he is though pursuing a developer career.
So he has chosen to study Python because this programming language is the easiest for the beginner and needs a little bit less code for the same task than Java or other languages.
I fully agree with his choice, but is it correct to say that Python is the easiest and the best programming language for novices?
In my education program I first had BASIC, then C/C++/C#, then Java, then Haskell/Assembler, and lastly Python.
When I started learning Python, it seemed to me to be pretty similar to Java or C, though shorter and has more interesting options to implement similar things, it also seems to have fewer paradigms and rules than Java (is it an advantage?).
Nevertheless, I do not know why I somewhat disagree that Python is the easiest and the best programming language for novices to learn.
I do not mean it is harder than Java, but don't think it should be learned first just because of this (positive) reputation.
What is your opinion about it?
1 year ago
Hello there!
Can you recommend me any mock tests to prepare for 1Z0-071 exam?
Congratulations! And thanks for the blog, I'm already very interested  
That's right, scheduling after 25 April isn't possible.
There are no best or worst path, you I assume if you passed OCA you know how to study for OCP ;)
Let's get started! I'm actually on this way too
I have appointment this saturday but I think I will not pass. I have studied with lectures by Oracle University but it was not enough.
Welcome Mohamed Labouardy, congratulations with your book!
Topics seems to be pretty useful
2 years ago
There are many different possibilities which can help to prepare for upcoming certification exam.
Some of them are trick questions after each chapter in Sybex Study Guides written by J. Boyarsky and S. Selikoff.
Another one is Enthuware Test Studio with different mock tests, for simulating exam similar experience.
I have used both for preparing for different exams and I would like to discuss the purpose for bigger complexity of the after-chapter questions and mock tests.
Since the authors themselves notice that their questions are harder and trickier than on the real exam, my question is:
Is there really a need for this?
I can imagine that for authors the topics are clear and they undestand the thing even deeper than students because of big experience.
But don't they think that it may be overwhelming for not-professionals? Especially for people with lower English knowledge?
I am not English native and I do really hard while trying to understand questions and answers made by Enthuware.
I feel demotivated because of that. In the real exam the questions are really much easier. So why is there are need to demotivate people without background?
Can bigger complexity help undestand the concepts deeper? Maybe. For experienced professionals. But it also can disappont newbies who may think they are not good enough to undestand this.
In my opinion, mocks should motivate people to take exam and not to demotivate. What do you think?
2 years ago
Congratulations! Very interesting book. Happy reading
2 years ago
Thank you for the explanation, I understand the part with certification (but who will proof that and give certificates?).
But I do not understand the purpose and why is that meaningful to say that you have worked as a SE the whole life? I think that point has confused me.
So what are you and other people would like to have? To have a land? For home / garden ?  How is your idea works? Somebody has the garden and everybody can help him with planting trees?
P.S. is that really a problem to buy a land? In many places in europe you can become that nearly for free.
2 years ago
I read the email, this topic, kickstarter, website, saw the video, but I still don't understand what is the story about
2 years ago
Thank you for your feedback!
Did you prepared just with a book or also used some mock tests ?
Well why not? Pandemic time proofed that online only teching works.
Many schoolars and students (not except me) are studying online only for longer than 1 year now and I also had practice at company as a java programmer in this time and every time I needed a help I just wrote or called my colleagues via Teams.
I think it can be even more productive than in real life because you have by far fewer distraction like office etc.
Other question is that if the person isnt good in English it may be difficult for both to understand each other.
2 years ago
Why use Amazon if you can see the whole content of the book on manning website for free?
2 years ago
Sharwan Ka welcome to CodeRanch!

Of course it will help you, math is very important for both physics and graphics of games.
I guess it will help game programmers much more than programmers for business applications.
2 years ago