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Recent posts by Mike Savvy

Important test delivery information pertaining to COVID-19 (coronavirus)
Starting Tuesday, March 17, we are suspending test delivery at all U.S.- and Canada-based Pearson VUE-owned test centers for 30 days until April 16.

more information (with countries)
I called Pearson and they cancelled my exam, now I have my voucher again valid and can shedule new exam when this pandemic ends.
This decision about close all test centres is not from Pearson but from government. So maybe in other countries it is still possible to take exam
I do not know, but here in Germany all testing centres (and almost all other things except supermarkts, pharmacies and restaurants) are already closed.
I think for first time until 20 April, later they (government) may extend the time again or may not, depends on corona situation.
The idea behind it that there is a luck in medicine which cant care for very much people at the same time, so they want to slow growth, so that every patient earlier or later has chance to become needed medical treatment
Today I developed new program with pandemic simulation, my point was at handling exceptions.
Constructive criticism is welcome  
P.S. I deleted all indents so that the post does not seem too long

2 weeks ago
Would such calculation be correct? I think not because if I have only fever and nothing other it means directly 88% what is not looks like truth
2 weeks ago
I want to write a programm which check this symptoms to calculate the probability of corona- infection.
Dry cough67.7%
Sputum production33.4%

How it would be correct to calculate it?
Thank you in advance!
2 weeks ago
Piet Souris and Knute Snortum I am not sure I must know about, since it is not in scope of OCAJ SE8 exam, which I will take this week. But I can back to this suggestions after exam
2 weeks ago
Okay, I was confused because there is not about lambdas, but about nested classes    Campbell
2 weeks ago

Campbell Ritchie wrote:Urma Fusco and Mycroft Modern Java in Action (Manning) or Java8 in Action (=same book, older edition).
Java™ Tutorials section.

What do you mean? For CodeRunchUsers?
2 weeks ago
I have changed so far, but do not really understand what/how exactly CodeRanchUsers class should be? Carey Brown
2 weeks ago
My new project, I did my best. Critique welcome  

2 weeks ago
Hello Ian Usher

I’d like to do the 1Z0-809 Programmmer II at some point but it only seems worth doing if I am actually working as a Java developer.

Not necessarily. For the best chance to get the position, do second exam.
First exam is really just about Java Basics, but second show your deep understanding of Java.
2 weeks ago
Actually I arrived at page 200 in OCA book by Selikoff and Boyarsky, and last page is 332, so there are still more than a hundred. I need a half hour or more time for one page until I understand what is the text about and write examples in Eclipse and check output.
The problem is that I have in exactly one week OCAJ exam, I resheduled it for second time and cant change it more. Also I have enthuware tests but they are so complicate and consume also very much time. I need at least a full day to check all wrong answers.. (60% wrong answers). How can I use this week effectively?
Thank you in advance!