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Recent posts by chirag soni

Everyone can write positive tests. My question is how to create more and more negative test scenarios?

For example: There is an API to post data with valid request body. Now what could be the valid negative test scenarios that make sense?

1 year ago

I am implementing authentication and authorization in the spring boot(2.2.4) app using spring security(spring-security-starter). I want below 3 things in one application:

  • Authenticate User using database (I am using hibernate)- For this I can use spring's UserDetailService
  • Authenticate User using SAML 2.0 protocol- Using Okta as identity provider, can use others as well like OneLogin etc.
  • Authenticate User using OAuth 2.0 protocol- can authenticate user with Github, Google, Facebook

  • I also want to know how can I enable and disable a particular one by setting some properties in file.

    I am able to authenticate the user using SAML, and OAuth in separate applications, see the code below, but I want all these three(3) in one application.

    Tried: I tried to achieve this with the help of this article but couldn't get that how to do the proper configuration.

    Using SAML:

    Using OAuth 2.0

    4 years ago
    can you please share this book??
    4 years ago
    Consider the banking example. We know that there is a ledgerBalance(static) and it will be manipulated by every account holder when he/she does the transaction.

    My question is how the ledgerBalance(which will be shared among all the A/C holders, Account class objects,) will be changed at the same time if two or more user threads are doing the transaction at exactly same time.

    What I am thinking that it is not possible to manipulate same variable by multiple user threads at exactly same time. If I am true then actually what happens when multiple transactions take place simultaneously??