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Campbell Ritchie wrote:That question would appear to have one correct answer.

That's my point.  It seems that in the online implementation of the OCP SE 11 Study Guide questions, every question with one correct answer only allows the respondent to choose 1 answer.  However, if a question says "Choose all that apply", surely the intention is for the user to be able to choose multiple answers, even though only one answer is correct.

The book explains:

OCP SE 11 Study Guide wrote:If a question [in the exam] has more than one answer, the question specifically states exactly how many correct answers there are.  This book does not do that.  We say "Choose all that apply" to make the questions harder.  This means the questions in this book are generally harder than those on the exam.

If someone was completing the above question in the book, they might mistakenly think that more than one answer is correct, which achieves the intention of making the questions harder.  However, if someone is completing the above question online, they will know that only one answer is correct as they are only allowed to select one answer, which does not achieve the intention.

Therefore, for the online implementation of the questions to be consistent with the intention of the book, a question which says "Choose all that apply" but only has one correct answer, would need to allow the user to select multiple answers.
Hi Jeanne,

Thanks for your reply.  I'm enjoying your book!

To clarify, the following question says "Choose all that apply", but only allows one answer to be selected.  Surely, it was intended for multiple answers to be selected as the question says "Choose all that apply".
Yes, that's the book I mean, the OCP SE11 Study Guide.
I've started working through the OCP SE11 book, and I wanted to complete the Chapter 1 review questions on Wiley Test Bank.  As I was completing the quiz online, I noticed that some questions say "Choose all (options) that apply".  However, for some of these questions, the online quiz provides a radio list, which only allows one option to be selected.

It may be doing this for questions which only have one correct answer.  This gives away more info than is intended, as the questions are designed to give respondents the impression that more than one answer is correct.