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Eduard Gizatullin

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Lambda of option D declares a local variable with the same name as parameter, it isn't compiled,  thus D is incorrect
Seemingly wrong answer for question 11 chapter 2
Ok, thanks for explanation, this is some basics most of us are familiar with. But for those book readers who feel not so confident about the context, it sounds ambiguously, IMHO of course
Yeah, may be the book authors have some time and reason to change the explanation of D item

The next point to improve I suggest is in page 91. Chapter 2, paragraph 2

...we have declared these constructors with default or package-level access...

Seems it better to omits 'or'
ISBN 978-1-119-06790-0

549 page, Chapter 1 mock explanation, answer #19:
The answer is correct. There's a statement that D is compiling. Actually non-static nested classes may not have a static members.