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Recent posts by Germans Zaharovs

Now I understand, it's basically impossible)) I was confused of implementation of additional argument & thought it might possible. Surely it makes no sense to change functional interface to accommodate method reference:)

Many thanks!:)
1 week ago
Hello Stephen, thanks for your help.

I have tried multiple times using different approaches of what you've written, but still can't get some of statements. If I correctly understand, that instance methods are eventually built using additional param of instance, but this shouldn't change functional interface.

By examples:

The above code fails. Wondering, where should I write, if not in functional interface?:

2) strReverse is an instance method of MyStringOps, so we prepend a parameter: (MyStringOps, String) -> String.

If functional interface rewritten code compiles:

I guess, maybe my English isn't good & I can't pick something... could you show by above examples, if it is possible to use instance method without using object & changed functional interface?
1 week ago

So as far as I understood and played around, non-static referenced class methods would expect to receive first param in functional interface object itself e.g. :

Above code compiles and runs as expected now:)

So would it be correct to assume following:

is equivalent to


I have tried to search for any other references apart of one mentioned by Junilu:

i'm not convinced that's what's happening though. I've been going through the JLS section on Method Reference Expressions to see which rules apply here but haven't been able to find anything yet. This is a good question.

Would appreciate, if someone would share this.

Thanks a lot Stephen & Junilu! You helped to understand topic far better.
2 weeks ago

I have just started to go through 'Java. The Complete Reference' book 9th edition (JDK 8).
On chapter 15 p. 397 started learning 'Method References to Instance Methods' & played around. All examples in book make sense & works, but, I have trouble to understand why would following code works:

Whilst following method isn't:

I know, that failing code is using class to get instance method, not instance itself. However, as per book, this code works (using generics, but still I think similar functionality):

Compiler of failing java code gives result:

$ javac -Xdiags:verbose -d bin src/book/lambda/
src\book\lambda\ error: method stringOps in class MethodReferenceInstance cannot be applied to given types;
       System.out.println(stringOps(MyStringOps::strReverse, "Lambda"));
 required: StringFunc,String
 found: MyStringOp[...]verse,String
 reason: argument mismatch; invalid method reference
     cannot find symbol
       symbol:   method strReverse(String)
       location: class MyStringOps
1 error

I was trying to find out regarding this compiler error, but it's not that easy... Wondering, would someone in simple terms could explain why above code is failing?

2 weeks ago