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Recent posts by Amgad Bassili

Can anyone help me with how to start part II/III? Are there any helpful links or articles that I need to read or study before starting to work on the assignment?
It sure feels good to pass the exam.
The UML questions were easy, so perhaps any beginner book would do. You don't need to focus on advanced notations, but know the basic ones by heart. You should be able to identify what type of an UML diagram when you see one. Class and Sequence diagrams are the most important. Focus on aspects of simple class relationships like dependency, association, aggregation, composition, and multiplicity.
Good luck.
I passed the SCEA Part 1 with a score of 85!
I have no real-world Java eperience but 8 years of software design/development. I prepared for about 3 months and compiled my own notes which proved to be useful. The books I used are:
1. Enterprise JavaBeans (by Richard Monson-Haefel) Chapters 1-8 only.
2. UML Distilled (by Martin Fowler).
3. Design Patterns by GOF
4. Used several study notes to fill the gaps.
Here is my Examination Score Report:
Concepts .............. 83%
Common Architectures .. 83%
Legacy Connectivity ... 80%
EJB ................... 88%
EJB container Model ... 100%
Protocols ............. 66%
Applicability of J2EE . 66%
Design Patterns ....... 100%
Messaging ............. 100%
Internationalization .. 100%
Security .............. 50%
Apart for few vague questions, the exam was easy. You only need good understanding of concepts and good common sense.
Best of luck to everyone.