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Recent posts by Aleksandar Vidakovic

We are glad to announce the most comprehensive file format product.

It is Aspose.Total product family.

Check out the portfolio and make sure that more than 70% of fortune 100 companies trust Aspose Pty Ltd. It's a long list of happy clients and satisfied customers to ensure you to go ahead with our products/services.

Firstly, let’s try to mention all the supported file types:

  • MS Word formats (DOC, DOCX, DOT, DOTX, DOCM, WordML, ODT, OTT, FlatOpc, etc..)

  • MS Excel & MS PowerPoint (all MS Office and OpenOffice formats supported).

  • PDF. From 1.2 version to 1.7 version and other fixed-layout documents (PS, EPS, XPS, PCL). Also, there is support for PDF/A and PDF/X formats.

  • HTML files. Responsive CSS + fixed-layout possibility.

  • Raster & vector image formats (PSD, TIFF, GIF, PNG, JPG, EMF, BMP, and many more)

  • All barcode symbologies are supported.

  • Optical recognition services such as OCR & OMR.

  • other MS Office file formats (Visio, Project, Note) and even finance-related formats (XBRL, iXBRL).

One more good news, there are no limitations regarding the environment you use. Our products are running on .NET (C# & VB), Java, C++, Android, Reporting Services, SharePoint, and many other platforms.

Moreover, APIs are following the same convention so no need when updating to the newer releases or even a global switching to another platform.
Speaking about updates, our production teams are heavy workers and every month provide new features/fixes for all families of products.

The documentation reveals the extreme simplicity of any code sample. Help your developers to increase their productivity using the intuitive API.

Please evaluate the temporary license or visit a free online service for testing purposes. Experience the high fidelity output of any processed document or file.
1 month ago
Word document formats (DOC, and its modern successor DOCX) are widely used in all aspects of the document corresponding. It has the richest formatting capability and it is possible to produce a heavily advanced outlook and content.
However, if some automated redaction or additional customization is needed then you have to use some dedicated tool.

Aspose.Words library is the most complete solution when dealing with MS Word® documents. During 20 years of continual effort on file format processing, we have managed to develop a full-featured tool that suits everyone’s needs.

Here are few features that are the most often used by our clients,
  • Converting DOC(X) document to other file formats. Currently, more than 35 different file types supported (MS Office, OpenOffice, PDF, HTML, eBook files, raster and vector images, etc.).
    The code sample looks simple as that,

  • Mail Merge. Generating the specific documents through the predefined template with mail merge fields is something that a large number of companies do. Also, our company provides its own quality reporting engine called Link Reporting Engine. This approach is highly flexible and has a richer API than old-fashion Mail Merge templates.

  • Customizing any entity in the document structure is a regular task in the document processing. Powerful DOM paradigm supplies you with the intuitive API which easily traverses through the entire document. This way, it is easy to find the desired part of the text and mark it as desired.

  • Working with styles, tables, fields, bookmarks, charts are fully supported. It is our urge to provide CRUD operations for each section of a document.

The list of all features can be found on our documentation page.

To ensure you about Aspose.Words capabilities, our team has launched a free online service. So, you can test the sample documents and observe the quality of output files.
One great achievement is that there is not platform-related constrains. There are libraries for .NET, Java, C++, Cloud solutions(cURL, Node.js, Android, PHP, Ruby, Swift, Go), JasperReports & SharePoint services, etc..

Download free trial, evaluate a temporary license here and experience our easy-to-use APIs.

2 months ago
When interpreting your reports, there is no alternative to PPTX presentations. Creating presentations frequently can be a tedious task if numerous charts, diagrams, tables, animations, or other resources have to be imported.

Imagine that the production of such presentations can be done automatically. All you have to do is to drive your data from files, databases, or network sources and design the code snippet in symphony with your needs.

Aspose.Slides turns to light these requirements.
  • File formats & conversions. Our library supports all MS PowerPoint and OpenOffice file types. Speaking about the converted outputs, many different file formats are supported (PDF, HTML, vector & raster images, etc..).
    Here is the extremely intuitive code snippet regarding this task,

  • Organize slides inside the presentation and create/add/replace/delete slides. Show or hide comments/notes on each slide. Configure headers and footers in presentation.

  • Manipulate the text and graphic content in slides. Work with tables, CRUD operations on cells and all formatting features. Text frames, fonts & styles, and coloring are fully supported.
    Draw any graphic, SmartArt or shape with all styles supported. Check the documentation and find the feature description together with the code sample.

  • Animations and slideshows. More than 150 different animations supported. If needed, you can create custom animation according to the results imported to your presentation. Customize slides transition and timeline. Exporting BLOB objects from presentation (large audio and video files).

  • Metadata (property & view). Configure the view options and adjust the presentation outlook. Access & modify system-defined and user-defined properties (Title, Subject, Comments, Saved/Created/Printed date, etc..). Also, it is possible to create custom document properties.

  • Opening presentation and the progress callback interface. Add/Remove VBA modules and many other features.

It worth mentioning that Aspose.Slides product is multi-platform oriented. Therefore, our libraries can work on ASP.NET, .NET, C++, Java, Cloud Solutions (cURL, PHP, Node.js, Python, Go), Reporting Solutions (SharePoint, Reporting Services, JasperReports).

If there is a need for assistance during the development process, please feel free to ask our friendly support.
Just post the inquiry and we will be glad to provide our help in order to achieve your goals.

Please evaluate a temporary license and enjoy the library without any restrictions for 30 days.

2 months ago
It’s impossible to imagine accounting software without QR code or barcode plugin attached. When dealing with a large number of items, the effectiveness is in proportion with the item identification.
Also, quick and precise recognition of a barcode is fundamental to the production.

Today, there are many symbologies when speaking about barcode types. Different products can vary in their identification type, so there should be a universal library that supports as many as possible barcode standards.

Aspose.BarCode tool is designed to scan and recognize any barcode (or QR code) you get onto.
It is easy to engage with our industry-grade and extremely reliable library. The intuitive API is introduced in order to speed up your development.

The code snippet below demonstrates the ultimate simplicity.

Generating barcodes is also straight-forward as that,

Our online free service offers the performance and quality testing.

Currently, Aspose.BarCode can generate more than 50 different barcode types. For most companies, this is the must-have requirement.
In case of some specific or poor-known barcode that is unsupported yet, our development team will be happy to implement a new feature. Aspose community is continually growing due to product reliability and our awesome support.

Additional help is to escalate your issues through the Paid Support service and prioritize the support level. If urgent or stuck during the project development, our support teams will supply you with the fully optimized code snippet during the same day.
Aspose products are multi-platform oriented and we provide libraries for .NET, Java, C++, Cloud solutions (Node.js, PHP, cURL), Reporting solutions.

Do not hesitate to obtain a temporary license and try the product without any constrains.

2 months ago
PDF documents are probably the most popular document file type. Mostly because its fixed-layout behavior provides the same outlook on each environment/platform.
This is not a case when dealing with MS Word document or similar ‘responsive’ layout which heavily effects document even applying some small change on it.

On the other hand, the editing PDF document isn’t a trivial task and an appropriate tool is needed.

Aspose.PDF is an ideal solution if your application has to deal with various operations over PDFs. Especially if operating on a big number of large documents very often. Processing a massive load of documents in almost impossible to be done manually in a reasonable time.

To make things clear, these are the most frequent scenarios our customers are facing with:
  • Creating different PDF outputs(PDFA-1B, PDFA-3B, PDFA-2U, PDFA-3U, etc..) in reporting management.

  • Searching the text for a particular keyword phrase, style, font, or any other formatting capabilities and marking it.

  • Annotating and redacting any part of PDF document, recognized on the predefined text. All annotations, introduced by Adobe® Acrobat, are supported so does the commenting feature too.

  • Page manipulations such as change page order, add/drop/rotate pages, page layout customization, background coloring, drawing injection.

  • Digitally signing and protecting PDFs. Making documents secured and confident is a mandatory requirement in business communication. Introducing custom privileges is a very useful service when corresponding with your clients or potential customers.

  • Fillable PDF forms. Programmable forms are the fastest way to implement sophisticated or simple surveys during case studies. Also, ‘form approach’ provides clear feedback instead of vague descriptive content.

  • Converting PDF documents in more than 30 different output file formats: MS Word (DOC, DOCX), MS Excel (XLS, XLSX), MS PowerPoint, HTML, XML, EPS, e-Book formats (EPUB, MobiXML), Raster & Vector images, and many more.

  • Processing regular & XMP metadata: Author, Keywords, Subject, Title, Create/Modified Date, or other custom properties.

  • Tagged content structure, embedded resources (audio & video files, other documents, html pages, etc..), bookmarks, viewer customization, and many more features.

There are libraries for the most popular environments like .NET, Java, C++, Cloud, Android, Reporting services.

To get familiar with our product, please visit the following links
Product preview
Temporary license

2 months ago
Hi Kathir,

Aspose.OCR is a commercial tool that provides decent results.
There is a free online service so you can easily test the accuracy by yourself.

For more information visit this thread.
3 months ago
This task sounds like a trivial one, indeed. Mostly because there are many free and open-source tool available that solves such tasks.

However, what if developing a commercial application that you want to sell? The clients can depend on a large set of scanned documents, less popular languages, different fonts, glyphs, etc..
Can you invest the time to debug unknown code and afford broken deadlines!? Patching and fixing by yourself are exhausting. You’ll probably stuck some point in the infinite loop coding-testing-frustrating.

Aspose.OCR is a standalone library introduced to address all mentioned requirements. Firstly, this is the list of supported image file formats: JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF.
All you have to do is to take a screenshot of the document page, or a part of it, and pass it to our OCR engine.

The code snippet is pretty much straight-forward

No need to be worried regarding platforms. .NET and C++ environments also provide instant and high fidelity text recognition. Enhance your ASP.NET, Windows Forms, WPF, C++ solutions the same as any other Java Framework.

Our development team proactively developing new features and extending the set of supported fonts & languages.
At the moment, the most popular fonts Arial, Times New Roman, Courier New, Verdana, Tahoma, and Calibri are fully supported. Also, the rich text formatting or different styles won’t confuse our product since it is capable to deal with it too.
One noticeable advantage is tuning up the filter sensitivity so you can accurately recognize the text even on the blurred images.

Of course, it is possible you experience some issues/bugs while tuning up the application. To avoid such scenarios, our Free Support will be thrilled to assist you and help you get the desired output.

In case of some urgent tasks, there are Paid Support that can help to prioritize issues you run into. The Paid Support service puts the escalated issues in front of the others to resolve them faster.
This is a recommended service when developing a large system used by many customers.

Therefore, please evaluate your temporary license and enjoy a 1-month trial for free. There are no limitations during this period so you can test all features.
3 months ago
Hi Devaka,

Please check our product GroupDocs.Viewer for Java, which fully supports this scenario.

Client-based viewers are visualizing documents on the clients' side using various technologies (Flash, Silverlight, etc.). Unlike them, GroupDocs.Viewer doesn't pass the original document (PDF in your case) to client machines during the view session.

Instead, the library converts your PDF to HTML content on the back-end and pure HTML is shown in clients’ browsers just like regular web-pages. This protects your content, as the document you are sharing is not downloadable to the end-user.

There is also a feature to protect your documents from screen-grabbing by adding a watermark. The watermark is rendered over the document on the client-side, so your original documents stay intact.

For all the features and supported file types of GroupDocs.Viewer for Java please check

In the following GitHub repo, you will find sample application for Java Spring UI here:

To clone it and test it, just type the following in your terminal:

This short Youtube clip gives you a pretty much clear overview of its capabilities:

The documentation page with the sample code for rendering input document to HTML which will be served at browser :
Hi Ishan

Here is a short YT video that reveals the purpose of delegates. It helped me a lot.
Delegate Basics

Basically, delegates are types intended to contain the method signature (return value and parameters list). Another name for delegates is higher order functions.
The purpose is to manipulate methods in the same manner as parameters. This approach provides advanced  programming paradigms such as multicast invoking, callbacks, code decoupling, etc..

3 months ago