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Recent posts by DineshC Sharma

Thanks Meenakshi, I am working on a Spring Boot based My SQL connected, thymeleaf front end project, besides working for OCA, I am also planning to do Angular + Spring Boot full stack project.

Any suggestions are welcome!

20 hours ago
Trisha and Campbell,

I appreciate your reply and suggestions, I shall be devoting more attention on projects, lookout for some real time experience and Java users group here in San Antonio, TX.

Thank you!
2 days ago
Thanks for your honest opinion, I do target to earn a masters degree (as already have bachelors in Electrical engineering) with focus on software development at a bit longer run (say 5 years down the line) but as of now I see myself learning more programming and some how breaking into industry. I know it's a long haul but I am at it.
2 days ago
Congratulations to Authors!

Sounds like a great book, what is the philosophy behind 97 things to know about Java.

What would you recommend to self teaching wannabe Java developer! though I am having an engineering degree but it's not in computer science. I have finished HeadFirst Java and an Udemy course on Spring, a six month long coding bootcamp (Launchcode) and preparing for OCA and doing a hobby Spring Boot based project.

Thanks! And all the best
3 days ago
Thanks  Pablo Aguirre, for starting this thread! It sure does have wealth of knowledge on how to pave path in programming if you are coming from non traditional background.

I am also kinda in same boat, I do have an engineering degree but not in computer science or SE.

Using Les Morgan's advice I also checked "The mythical man month" excellent book it is,  to build perspective of field!

I wish you all the best Pablo!
1 week ago
Hi Adam,

Congratulations on the release of book!

I would like to ask about the web project mentioned in the book's contents. What exactly is this project and are we using some framework (Spring) to develop a web app   and is the deployment too covered.

2 weeks ago
@Anu Pasyavala

Thanks for sharing your experience! I really wish you all the best to nail it soon.
Hi Iuliana,

Congratulations on this new book!!

I have two questions

I would like to know overall approach you used to write this book, are we going to build a web app adding more and more features as the chapters role by or several half baked simple apps showing limited functionality as the covered chapter permits?

I would like to ask, to what extent Spring Security is covered in the book, as off the bat Spring security gives support only for simple database table of username, password and role and if we have any other column on table it gets tricky.

Thanks, I checked your personal website and found out really interesting quotes, All the best to you to cross all your TODOs.

3 weeks ago
Thanks Dr Veljko Krunic

I appreciate your response! Looks like a great book to see the non technical and other important aspects of initiating and handling a AI project. Congratulations on writing this book and wishing you lots of success further!

Glad that I shall be getting the copy of this book soon!

Thank you.
Congratulations on new book, what programming language you are using in this book? And what sort of problems are you focusing on, coming from Power Engineering background I would love to see some energy forecasting etc kinda stuff.
Good question would love to see Ian's answer!

Here's my two cents on the book!

Java Cookbook by Ian Darwin looks to be taking a beginner with core understanding of Java to more in-depth appreciation of things under the hood and standard & third party APIs. Additionally Ian have added modern features of Java viz. JShell and its usage for trying out Java expressions and APIs quickly. Automating several development tasks, in general with this book author's promise looks to be to make the reader (already initiated Java soul) more effective.

Author have nicely compiled the problems and solutions, but IMHO to keep the momentum to finish the book (cover to cover) one need to be really interested in those problems! beyond general language features and standard API related problems reader need to have some personal or official project to spark his/her keen interest. For example the chapter on Java being used in data science and communication with R a reader with some background in same will able to appreciate it more. But having said that, reading these problems will also inspire any reader to use the understanding in the projects! ultimately improving the effectiveness.


2 months ago
Hi Ian,

Congratulations on this new edition of book!

I really liked the idea of compilation of problems & solutions from a seasoned developer. Looks like these are the things I shall be stumbling upon down the road in professional Java development.

What is your advice in general for self taught intermediate Java developers, say one who have finished "Head First's Java" and dabbled with Spring-MVC and Springboot and willing to be employed (surely at the earliest)? To rephrase it, what you shall be looking for if you will interview a candidate for entry level Java development job?

Thanks and all the best for the book!
2 months ago